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Sounds Ferrari F50GT Sound 1.1

Upgrade F50GT Sound

  1. shizuku submitted a new resource:

    Ferrari F50GT Ultimate Sound Mod & more - Upgrade F50GT Sound

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    Last edited: Mar 17, 2016
  2. Is this mod (I mean the F50, not the soundmod) any good?
  3. No. sound mod only
  4. I mean that if the car mod is worth downloading (not from here, but from the internet)...
  5. mod-edit: you can upload mods via the resource manager
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 22, 2015
  6. mod will not load
  7. When the DATA item of aero.ini is put out, it's read.
  8. How can i use this mod ? Because this mod wont loading.
  9. Thanks, mate
  10. Nice mod. BUT the gears are not right, ratios are not changing. ..?
  11. hope you don´t forget me,mate!
    Sounds also amazing and when you have the time then also for the F40 Competitione please!
  12. It was expected to make shortly. Please wait a moment!
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  13. Even though I think there is no such possibility and wind.
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  14. Car gear ratio will not shift up. like stuck in one gear .
  15. When going to an arrangement screen, you should be able to establish one compared with the gear neatly.
  16. I want to start learning how to make sound mods. Can you give me links to all the downloads that wi will need to start modding and editing sounds please :) thanks heaps.. Oh also any tutorials
  17. ?
  18. Hi ,I try to make it worked but no sound ,can you help me ?