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Ferrari F430 Cup @ Dijon Prenois Short - Sunday May 3rd

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Eric. K, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Class: Ferrari 430 Cup--> download
    Track: Dijon Prenois Short

    Start time: 22:00gmt - 6:00pm EST - 3:00pm PST
    Weather: Dry
    Practice: 30mins
    Qualification: 15mins - Superpole
    Warmup: 10mins
    Race: 2x20laps

    Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!

    We continue with our short sprints single car series at short tracks:skywalker:
  2. Entrylist:
    1. Matt Alpeter
    2. Pierre Higgins
    3. Timothy Miller
    4. Jarbas Melo
    5. Tyler Scurlock
    6. Bob Luneski
    7. Steve Emmons
    8. John Sydenstricker
    9. Dan Coldrick
    10. Lewis Fergusson
    11. Abdul Ahmed
    12. Andrew Evans
    13. Vedran Kralj
    14. Fernando de Almeida
    15. Rob Goldthorpe
    16. Nuno Areias
    17. Carlos Seoane
    18. Sebastian Gumenius
    19. Bob Miley
    20. Maks Stern
    21. Michel Usal
    22. Willie Watt (maybe)
    23. Dennis Phelan (maybe)
    24. Chris Buchanan (maybe)
    25. Eric Nelson (maybe)
  3. Oh me, me! :)
  4. need to see what's going on this weekend don't mark me down if I can make it I will probably be a late entry If there's room :-D
  5. I might be able to make it. Sign me up for now.
  6. I will commit to this race.

    My Fav car...
  7. I'm in the same boat as Chris (not literally though)...i come back from the A1GP that day, so not sure if i'll be able to race. Will make a late entry if theres room but I cant promise anything, but I do like these cars and would like to race.

  8. I'll add u both as maybes:)
  9. Eric,
    I LOVE your events, dude. I just don't get any time to practice for them these days, because of the 3 leagues I'm in. But in 2 weeks one of them is gonna end and I'm gonna be with you guys at least once a week. :)
  10. Remember to turn down your rev limiters, guys :D Don't want to have a repeat of all the Ferrari guys at the last Dijon-Prenois event :p
  11. Shorter race and track this time:)
  12. sorry i have the RDTCC sunday cup, i can't no make this race.
  13. Sign me up please :)
  14. I would love to sign up for this Eric, but it is only a very slim chance I would make it, so if it`s ok could you leave me off the list and if i can make it and there is still space could I still join?:wink2:
  15. I will put u on the bottom as a maybe. By now you know the track too:) and it is the easy version.
  16. Id like to give this a go. Sign me up please.
  17. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium Member

    I downloaded the Ferrari 430 Cup and installed[?] but it doesn't show up anywhere!
    When it didn't show after the first try I moved Gamedata and UiData as directed, still no joy.

    What am I doing wrong?
  18. Eric:

    I'll be a probably. Last minute into practice and quali.

    Better run some practice laps on my own.

    are there any custom skins for the 430
  19. Dennis where did you put try to find them, the Ferrari Cup is under the GTSport Section, as well as the Porsches that we ran last night
  20. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium Member

    Thanks Cris,
    I had been looking there.
    Funny thing, with out changing anything else, all of a sudden...there they were!
    Driving now, maybe to race, Sunday nights = not great.
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