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Skins Ferrari F40 - Redline 1.4

Inspired by the famous Redline skins from Counter Strike Global Offensive

  1. Gabriel Wong submitted a new resource:

    Ferrari F40 - Redline - Inspired by the famous Redline skins from Counter Strike Global Offensive

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  2. You can edit all the cars textures the only ones that cause issues are certain windows / glass ,
    You just need to find the texture names for the cars rims , chassis ect , and as long as the names are correct you can just add everything into the skins folder that you placed your car livery ect :)
    I can provide the names but not the textures
    Wheel name , "Rim" .dds / black alpha
    "RimBLUR .dds / white alpha ,
    But if you use 3DSimed you can extract the textures into a folder along with the car but the textures are your concern mainly ,
    3DSimed is available from http://www.sim-garage.co.uk/
    As this is a modding website , would be nice to have a tools , tab , and in the tools , guides / software ect , and a list of software for the games that RD provides mods for , would help the community a lot in understanding a lot more and to enable you to find the correct tools that you require instead of searching around for hours trying to find something you do not know the names for :thumbsup:

    EDIT , / You also need the plugin import script for assetto corsa , as well from simgarage ,
    its called "AsCorsaImport" plugin / place that once downloaded into your 3DSimed folder :)
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  3. ooh. So basically I'm even able to retexture the interior? Thank you :D. Will try it out later!
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  4. yes but be careful on what you mod because kunos check a lot of super modded cars and get them removed as you are not supposed to use the textures just the templates provided so dont go overboard :thumbsup:
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  5. Red or striped mirrors?