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Ferrari F40 is missing

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by roffe, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Good morning from Sweden!
    After the last updates my F 4o cars dun´t show up!!!!
    "acs.exe out of order"
    What to do???
    I play in Steam

  2. Jempy


    Surely a corrupted or missing file.

    In Steam, right-click your AC game, choose 'Proprieties', Local files tab and click "check integrity of game cache".
    If a file is missing or corrupted, it will be downloaded again.

    Try this first.
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  3. Jean-Pierre...THANKS now the F 40 growls again!

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  4. Jempy


    Just a notice for you Roca ... am I still your "angle in the sky" ?? ... my avatar should give you an idea of my pseudo somewhere else. :whistling::laugh::p

    Edit: angel of course and not angle ! :confused::whistling:
    I'm not so ... sharp in fact. :laugh:
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  5. YES my man you are!" I Think you was tired of me at NoGrip!
    If you just keep on the good work for all of us...you allways be
    The angel in the sky for me!

    ROCA born in 1948...just love this PC racing....