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Skins Ferrari F138 Marlboro Bar Code Logo 1.0

Ferrari F138 w/ Marlboro BarCode Logo

  1. El_Boina submitted a new resource:

    Ferrari F138 Marlboro Bar Code Logo - Ferrari F138 w/ Marlboro BarCode Logo

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  2. First: welcome to the modding community and this looks nice :)
    Second: i hope the tyres dont look like that in-game? xD
  3. Hahaha thanks!

    Be sure that the tyres looks fine in the game ;) xD
  4. Welcome! :) This looks good, it does suit the F138 quite well, I like it! :)
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  5. looks really good!
  6. is it also possible to change some specific parts of the car model itself? not the skin, just the model..like a bigger front wing or something else
  7. 3d model cant be change
  8. Haha I know, I will try to add old tobacco sponsors in the game (West, Rothmans, etc) :)
  9. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Srictly speaking this is actually the non-tobacco version.

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  10. Yep, you're right ;). I am trying to find a good Marlboro logo to the car :).
  11. But watch out for the mirror effect!
  12. possible to have a skin?

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  13. Nope only to a particular level.
  14. Yep, f?!"#king Codemasters...
  15. Giovaneveterano

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Someone know how to add the Marlboro logo on Ferrari 399 of 1999?
  16. Not possible until we have an .nfs extractor
  17. Still need a high quality marlboro logo?I can give you one.
  18. Also you did a little mistake by merging the texture with ML's mask texture that he included to the ferrari. Other than that I don't know whether it has an effect on the car ingame (missing textures , haven't tried it) but overall nice work. Will make you proper renders :)
  19. Here's a proper render for your car.
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