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Skins Ferrari F138 Black Edition HD 2.0

Black Edition Ferrari F138

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  3. buff
  4. have you even asked w1n1x for permission for using his base-skin? ^^
  5. A black overall ist possibly?
  6. Do not like the red stripe or a big logo SCUDERIA FERRARI?

  7. No... i mean the race suit in black... sry :)
  8. He didn't ask but at least minimally he mentioned my name in the description. That's good enough for me :)
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  9. ^^ well when it is okay for you than there is no problem i think ^^
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  11. Special attention to small details ,,, How come the "E" You filled black when its supposed to be Red? Mkes me wonder what else is not correct???:speechless:
  12. Ferrari black is not correct! :D I created it to diversify sometimes something for those who drive long only Ferrari.
    "Special attention to small details" - high quality of the original logos and differences from similar mod of jorgesbala.
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  13. Yeah high quality logos by me :DDD
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  14. No, amico! :) In version 2.0 i have only used my logos in high quality that i find on the internet. I well know photoshop and i have no problem to create this skin. If you want i can send you these logos by email ;)

    Attached Files:

  15. Can you send that to me please?
  16. The only things you changed were some logos and a few lines. The rest, especially the bolts, carbon etc are the ones fomr jorges texture.
    If you really know how to paint, then recreate a whole new texture and paint the details yourself.
  17. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?


    A question if I may.

    You say your version 2.0 is based on the original game skin.

    Yet I have looked at it and it is covered with rivets that I have or w1n1x as I passed them on to him.

    Not that it bothers me at all.

    So my question is......if this is the original game skin and not someone else's (w1n1x) how did you get the rivets?
  18. Those aren't that big. Mine's were all higher than 4000x4000 and ultra sharp for the DHD textures. Yeah the size isn't that important it's rather the sharpness of the logos what count but still i used far higher sizel ogos than you :)

    Yeah i wonder :cautious:
  19. Especially the bolts?.. Bolts and carbon define the whole appearance of a Formula 1 car? :speechless:
    Some logos?.. Open the file in my previous post and see logos. This is all that is present in Ferrari official skin.
    I did not use the mod jorgesbala. You read the description? I first used mod w1n1x, and then the original skin. Mod jorgesbala i used as a comparison with a competitor. :)
    I just wanted to change the color and not to invent a new model Ferrari...