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Skins Ferrari F138 #3 & #4 skin (8K & 4K ver) 1.2

2013 Alonso & Massa's car livery 8K & 4K

  1. Henky SA submitted a new resource:

    Ferrari F138 #3 & #4 skin (8K & 4K ver) - 2013 Alonso & Massa's car livery 8K & 4K

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  2. realitychecked


    Being honest, this looks better than Kunos' effort, however I can see major logos with unaccurate representations. FIAT, HUBLOT and Santander all have either older logos or lack of thickness as used in real life's F138.
  3. thanks for noticing, about Hublot since i couldn't find the bolder text logo in vector format i used the thin one as alternative and as for Santander. i used the same thickness as the default one. but later realized as you noticed it. will update it later.

    also i've some favor to ask, do you have the weichai logo without chinese letter (not the new one, the old one which used in the mid-season)?
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