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Ferrari F10 Ultra HD with 3D model

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Rian Speed, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. A really hard work of a whole day! Everything made from scratch in HD. This was done mainly from one of my close friend, @Matthew327 's request.

    Done in 4096 X 4096 Ultra Crispy craters HD based on HRT F112 chassis.

    This done based on the pre-season car.

    ML2166's 3D car and wireframes
    Photoshop CS5 extended
    Ryder PSSG editor

    Note: It would be my pleasure if anyone could make a decent tv pod cam for the F10.

    DOWNLOAD (backup first)


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  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWESOME! Rian, thanks a lot for this one - it looks absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much, mate, this one is really great.
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  3. sory but terrible idea..
  4. Mind to explain why?

    Personally, I asked Rian to do it because I disliked the 2012's Ferrari too much to race it - and in my opinion, the HRT looks VERY MUCH like Ferrari's F10.

    No one forced you to download or race it.

    Constructive criticism is very welcome, but your post was not constructive.
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  5. Im sory.. This is just my opinion.
    Previously I did not like. But now I like f10. Sory bad english...
  6. Rian you must have major hand cramp lol
    What mouse do you use?
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  7. Absolutely wonderful job Rian. And you are right Matthew, it looks very much alike the F10.
    But seriously, sick job! Unbelievble <-- spelling? :D
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  8. I quite like this. Thanks for sharing.
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  9. looks very cool!
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  10. Its not funny you know -_- I use a cheap $5 mouse.
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  11. hats off to Rian Speed please! This was a truly great idea! Let's hope that we're going to get some more 2012 models like this...
    thank you so much Rian!
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  12. uaaaaaaaaau very god job ! could make tires bridgestone
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  13. Personally I like it with the Pirelli tires too :D
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  14. The whole grid will have bridgestone. :D
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  15. Rian I forgot to backup
    you could put the link of the original files?
  16. gracias
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  17. here she is! Flying mods by Rian. I'll be the test driver! Untitled-1.jpg
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  18. looks nice, great idea ! :)
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  19. I forgot to back up too! What an idiot I am. The camera now looks weird because it's a differenty 3D Model.
  20. But can you have this for the Ferrari, say when I drive for Ferrari in Career, how does this happen?