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Skins Ferrari DHL Lemans Racesuit (Yellow) 1.1 FINAL

For latest version of AC. Just a tester to share.

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  2. Thanks for this fantastic suit according my skin perfectly and probably better :)
  3. Ok now I have the suit but where can I find the car skin?;)
    Searched here and AC forums.....
  4. I'd love the car skin as well!
  5. I orininally had a link to the car as well but it was removed by Admin as you are not allowed to hotlink to 3rd party sites from racedepartment. Unfortunately I'm on my holidays at the moment without access to my bookmarks. When I get back I'll message you directly the link to it if you haven't managed to find it by then. Sorry best I can offer right now. I originally stumbled across it by accident.
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  6. Wow, thank you all 287 of you that has downloaded this skin so far, it was only a quick tester for the new driver model and when I get back from my hols i'll convert some of my other suits as requested by some of you. Looking forward to getting stuck back in, I've been watching the releases very closely from my phone and uploaded many fine pieces of work to my Google drive ready for when I get back, some of which I can't wait to create a new race suit for. Anyway, back next week ready and refreshed to continue. Until then I'll be looking after this Sun lounger in 34℃ just so you lot don't have to. Lol.