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Career Ferrari Challenge 2012 1.0

Ferrari Challenge 2012

  1. hulg063 submitted a new resource:

    Ferrari Challenge 2012 - Ferrari Challenge 2012

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  2. Doesn`t work end up in the alfa at magione ???
  3. what?
  4. thanks
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  5. Works great! One thing why is the whole Ferrari included? Everyone has it!

    If Kunos update the Ferrari or sounds for the Ferrari and some one installs this after they get an old version!

    I thought you added the car folder be course of the skins but you only used default skins to so I don`t get that part?

    In no way criticizing your Championship! I love the 458 GT so this will be used!
  6. how do these custom careers work? do you get to choose which career to do? i just dont want to install a custom one like this one and loose the original
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