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Cars Ferrari 643 - 1991 (by ASR Formula) 2.0

ASR Formula OWC

  1. alesanchez submitted a new resource:

    Ferrari 643 - 1991 (by ASR Formula) - ASR Formula OWC

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  2. problem !! not sound engine !!
  3. Very cool thank you! :thumbsup: Is it using tire model 10?
  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am no good at driving open wheel cars so I'm likely miles off the pace, but this is a blast to drive! Might even embarrass myself and record a video just to help get the word out about this.
    Thank you guys so much, great job!
  5. MHS


    Really weird, no one else is reporting this issue. Did you copy all the files from the content folder?
  6. MHS


    Yes it is! Thank you :)
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  7. This might just be the prettiest car in all of my racing games, I'm not a fan of Imola but I drove 3 laps there so this car would have a good looking venue to match it. I was dying to do laps on the 1988 tracks but they're just too dated.

    Assetto (19).jpg


    Double check how you installed it because everything is fine.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2016
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  8. Beautiful!!

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  9. Amazing car, a real gem! I love the way it sounds, looks and drives. Just a little nitpick, the two stickers on the left side of the cockpit seem a little to bright which makes them a bit distracting (pardon my OCD).

    Congratulations, you guys have done an amazing job with this.
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  10. Not sound..... Why?
  11. I settled it on new one, there is not a sound now
  12. I was making a copy from everything into the suitable portfolio..., there is not an engine sound unfortunately
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  13. So where did you unpack from? If you unpack from the way they packed it you wont get it to work. You have to "drag" or "copy" the ferrari mod's "content" folder into Steam Assetto Corsa root.

    If you dont have any sound and installed the mod properly then you have to do a steam integrity check on AC to fix what is wrong.
  14. You must be running the current version of AC 1.9.x
  15. Thank you for the answer..... I was making a copy from everything onto his place... there is not a sound., But this it occurred in other cars after 1.9.3.. pl. the ferrari at 482 too..., but it Fonsecker a manner solved it
  16. everything else works, there is a sound at all cars, is not at this only
  17. Andreas Knöpke

    Andreas Knöpke
    Let's drive side by side! Premium

    stop running mod sounds and do an integrity check.....
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  18. [​IMG]

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  19. My only little bitty critique is that the black in the cockpit and chassis is too dark, it needs to be just a bit lighter so that shadows and such will show up on it.

    Absolutely stunning mod in every way though.
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  20. What a car :confused: freaking awesome :thumbsup: and outstanding level of details :inlove: MANY THANKS :inlove:
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