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Sounds Ferrari 599xx Sound Mod 1.21

My Original sound

  1. :)
    awesome, great job thanks for sharing
  2. You well !!
  3. this is the best i´ve ever heard before for this car,thanks for my wish!
  4. Great sound!
  5. Hello
    I'm not a child at all, believe me... I stand by my reviews, your external sounds are truly quite amazing and I'm truly sorry you're not pushing a little more efforts fixing the cockpit source without using an improper fix. If other mods work, surely yours can work too.
    Please do this! Don't let people like me discourage you at making your mods work properly, that's what we're really pushing for!
  6. why that sfx folder? overwriting original files?
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  7. Love this sound but not work for version 1.3.4, please update fix! Thanks