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Ferrari 599XX Engine Sounds gone

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by silversleeper484, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. Hello, can someone please help me out with this...

    ever since the update on 2/24/15 the Ferrari 599xx Engine Sounds are gone/actual of the sounds are gone. How can I fix that?

    and only some of the La Ferrari sounds work...


  2. Joao Alves

    Joao Alves
    Premium Member

    Try following these steps to see if they won't fix it, please-
    • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ferrari_599xxevo\sfx or wherever you have your Steam installed
    • Delete any file(s) you may have in there
    • Now open Steam, and in your library find Assetto Corsa
    • Right click on Assetto Corsa and select Properties
    • Then find the Local Files tab, and select Verify Integrity of Game Cache
    Now just let that run its course, it may take a bit. Once it's finished it should say that x Amount of Files Failed to Validate. It will then download them. Once that's all finished, launch Assetto Corsa and enter a session with the 599, and it should all work.

    If there are any other affected cars, you can navigate to their sfx folders and delete the contents before running the Steam integrity check, and it will fix them all in one go.
  3. Hello Joao,

    Thank-you very much... I will give that a try...

  4. Hello Joao,
    I forgot to ask you... I had these files installed upgraded engine sounds... Will these files work anymore or do I have to wait until someone makes it again

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  5. Joao Alves

    Joao Alves
    Premium Member

    I'm not sure to be honest, as I don't use any modded sounds at the moment. What you can do is some experimentation though! Once you finish restoring the files back to the originals with the integrity check, make sure they work in game. Then copy the original ones and paste them somewhere else like the desktop, that way you have a backup for the time being. Then replace the files with the modded ones and check to see if they work. If they don't, then you can simply replace the files from the back up you created.
  6. awesome.... thanks Joao

    He Joao,

    Thanks for the help... I just restored it works perfect now :) It said I was missing 5 files and it uploaded them just as you said... PERFECT... Thanks again...
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2015
  7. Joao Alves

    Joao Alves
    Premium Member

    Great to hear, and glad to have been of help :)
  8. Modded-sounds may have to be updated and re-installed after new AC version releases but, I have seen cases where some sounds may stop working due to minor game updates and a quick & simple re-install does the trick.

    I recommend trying the sound mods made by Fonsecker found in the official AC forums if you haven't already. He has been very good about keeping them updated as well.
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