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Ferrari 458 GT2 @ Spa-Francorchamps

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Deyan Georgiev, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. I didnt found thread about it so i decided to make one.
    There is 3 races in assetto corsa racing club in next couple days taking place at SPA. But also would be nice to have this for the feature.

    So here it is, if someone has setup and like to share it, you can do it here.
  2. Driven it yesterday, very hard to setup correctly; twitchy on turn in, hard to balance mid corner.
  3. Here's an early effort - laps are at low 2:16's so far and lord knows how low it will go...lol. Absolutely loving this combination - new favourite :)

    EDIT: Updated setup, old one not so good, new one better. Lapping into 2:14's with this one.

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  4. Coenwulf man you are so awesome! Thank you gonna test it right away, my fastest so far is 2:21. But the car just doesnt feel right, its super twitchy and unstable.
  5. The car is so much more stable with this setup, but is there any reason the gear ratios are so short? The car is in 6th gear and the shift leds are all lit before I even go up Eau Rouge.
  6. thanks
  7. Thanks
  8. I tried to make a setup myself yesterday.It was pretty difficult to setup the gears correctly. After 1 1/2 hr I finally finished setting up tyre pressure, wings, brakes and gears. So, still a lot of to do :)
  9. When shifting, should I shift when the leds are all lit up/flashing? Or should I shift when the ingame gear app shows the gear red? I ask this because it seems the power/torque graph in the car menu does not quite match when the leds are showing to shift.
  10. I haven't seen the leds in this car yet, which means they must be on the wheel (I disable it). I usually shift up a gear just before the rev limiter kicks in, so pretty deep into the red as seen on the in-game app.
  11. Thank you :)
  12. ive tried this setup and while its good I noticed you have it set to redline ALOT
    so ive looked at it and changed the gears (you must not redline this car) it is far faster to change on the blinks I had 2 laps and put in a 2:16.2 im sure ill be in the 2:15s later.
    anyway heres the new gears and ill post a vid (best to watch the vid first) to get the gear changing right

    <Mod Edit: Videos go in our Media Gallery>
    sorry for posting such a big vid thumbnail but it really will help in the driving of this car

    EDIT I posted the wrong setup lol UPDATED TO CORRECT ONE NOW
    improved to a 2:15.501

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  13. thanks
  14. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    It is better to setup the gears longer, especially your 6th gear. You need to shift it before the red line. It will make your setup a good second faster ;-). Thanks anyways!
  15. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Thanks for the setups fella's hopefully I can do them justice :)
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  16. Good info John (and Frank). I'll have another look at this. On thursday using my setup I got down to 2:15.7 with best sector times indicating 2:15.3. So, what you've found using longer gears should mean 2:14's easily.

    Nice one guys :thumbsup:

    EDIT: Immediate improvement having lengthened a few gears, re John and Frank, 2:15.0 now with sectors showing 2:14.8. Have tweaked some other things too, so will try some more later...
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2014
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  17. @Coenwulf So, have you done editing your setup? Please share if, the previous one was great too, but the gear ratio edit possibly makes it better.
  18. Yes, I edited my first post in order to remove the old setup and replaced it with the new one.
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  19. Oh, mea culpa, I see now, thank you.
  20. Dux


    I recently did 2:15.5 which put me on no.16 then no.17 next day and today i am on no.48th position in RSRLiveTimming.

    However, i once did but now i cannot repeat my time. Not to get close to it and not do it, but i cannot get close to enter below 2:16, even 2:16 is hard to achieve. And a friend just went 2:14.5 like its no big deal.

    Setup needs to be worked on a bit. I hope someone will give me some hints as to what times they did it with it. I hope you will enjoy it

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    Last edited: Nov 12, 2014
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