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Ferrari 458 GT2 @ Silverstone International

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by John Oliver, Oct 26, 2014.

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  2. I dropped the rear wing down to 4 now and got a1:01.119 it is faster but a little bit iffy :)
    I also cheated with the new lap time and used abs im a wuss
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  4. Ok, but the Ferrari 458 GT2 have ABS from factory, right? So, do not use ABS is cheat.
  5. no it doesn't its off by default
  6. thanks
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  7. What's the deal with mods constantly deleting videos with and keep pointing to the gallery nobody cares about? It makes perfect sense to back up a setup with a video that shows it in use, but apparently this is against the rules?? What if he didn't embed the video but only linked to it, would it still be removed? This is ridiculous either way!
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  8. because you now have to pay the premium membership to be allowed to post in the video gallery :(
    so they remove it from here as its a way of not paying but you are right when posting a vid with a setup it should be allowed at least the one vid by the op
  9. I just don't get it... Even if you were a premium member, your video would still be taken down? As a viewer, I would much rather prefer to find the video in the relevant thread as opposed to a chaotic gallery. It would be better to just search around on Youtube than brows the gallery, so how on earth is the use of this function an incentive to pay for premium membership? Way to make things worse in an attempt to make a buck. I'm turning my ad-blocker back on again...
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  10. I put the vid back up as just a link I hope they are ok with that :)
  11. Thanks for this setup, used it as a base for the race at the national circuit last night. I really like the way it made the car handle :thumbsup:
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