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Ferrari 458 GT2 @ Monza

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Belphagor, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Hi, if anyone like I share my setup for Monza, good for hotlap with supersoft tires, and good for race with a soft tires, about 10 laps. Very stable on brake, you have to pay a little attention at the back due to low aero, and hard suspension, but nothing difficult to control. You can easily cut the kerbs.
    During race you can lap at 1.50.2 costantly. My best is 1.49.5, but I think more skilled driver can improve easily, I'n not so skilled :-(
    Feel free to improve and share comments.
    Thank you.

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  2. thanks
  3. Thanks ! ;)
  4. Good Setup!
  5. honnestly... I think your setup is crap. sorry. even with the stock setup i was a second faster. so what I decided to do is to make my own setup for you guys! my fastest lap being 1.47.857 and constantly within 0.200 seconds of my fastest lap. I spend 30 laps racing on it and tried different things but this is it.


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  6. Thanks !
  7. Thx I'll give a try.
  8. With your setup I have made 1.48.6. I've made only a small change and no TC.
    Thank you very much
  9. Thank you ...;)
  10. Does someone know how I can make a setup with a lot of grip and late braking?
    Especially for Spa.
  11. You can try this one. Stable and easy to improve. I'm not a good driver but I manged 1.44

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  12. JoelGL

    Premium Member

    For what track is this? I don't think it's for Spa, as the OP mentioned, w/c is not close to make less than 2mins.
  13. It's for Monza, and my time is 1.46 not 1.44. Sorry for mistake.
  14. A few guys asked me for this so here you go.
    Its not the quickest but it is stable and will get 1.47.xx in quali etc
    expect 1.48 in race
    take second chicane in 3rd gear and move the brakes back a bit during race
    otherwise normal driving is all you need
    Hope it helps

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  15. Hello Ricardo77,
    your setup is fantastic. Fast and easy to drive....
    I think you just have to adjust the pressure of the soft tires for the race .... you can not easily run under 1:50 ....
    if you have another setting for another car or another track......thank you so much....
  16. How do you automatically load the setup in AC ???? Thank you
  17. Yes I adjust pressures depending on track temp
    Higher track temps get more pressure.The attached setup is just a base for working with.
    Dont think you can load the set automatically in ac but I may be wrong.I will have a new setup shortly for the 458 to work with tyre model 10
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  18. latest monza set for v10 tyres

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