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Cars Ferrari 412T2 - 1995 (by ASR Formula) 1.6

By ASR Formula

  1. alesanchez


  2. pcraenme


    Thanks for this great car mod. But, I installed this version (and also the 1.7 version released today), but it is not working. I get a steering wheel lag of almost a second and when I try to drive the car it is like there is absolutely no relation between my steering wheel input and what the car does. The car also move like it is in slow motion and sometimes it moves a bit faster.

    This is the only car I have this issue with. I have a GTX 1070 and Core i7 7700hq with 32GB RAM, using a Logitech G27, so I think that cannot be the issue. I am using the latest rF2 dx11 open beta build.

    What could be wrong here?
  3. DavidMk7


    Same thing happened to me at one track pcraenme (I think it was one of the 1988 circuits), with the whole game seemingly running in super-slow-motion. Then I tried one of the official circuits and it was fine. I haven’t attempted to run the car since.

    I know all the ASR mods seem to have very high res skins and this may be causing the issue. I really wish they would offer some lower res options, as, even after recently upgrading my PC to a 16Gb system with an 8Gb video card, I still get warnings about low video RAM when running ASR mods in AMS.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2017 at 18:45