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Skins Ferrari 412 T1 (Year 1994) 1.0

Ferrari 412 T1 (Year 1994)

  1. Hi talisman, thank you for uploading this car, I have downloaded it, but I only found the livery files, so I cannot install it, I need to have the complete package of the car, with the bodywork, interior, etc... Would you please upload the complete package..?
  2. Hi Ray 722 send me your email so I send the whole package?
    You have the mod 1994 Pedro?
  3. Pedro is 13 had posted the hack in 1994, I then I modified the cars and the drivers by adding other parts to get the real season.
    As I understand the creator of mods, it is also deleted from the forum and all its files
  4. Ah, yes, I saw it on youtube, but then the thread was deleted some time ago.. such a shame, have you got my email?
  5. Hi talisman, how's the Ferrari? You got the full package?
  6. Hello I sent you the file.;)
  7. Hello talisman.. thank you very much indeed! sorry if it's too much too ask,I really appreciate it, grande! ;)
  8. Hi talisman I forgot to tell you that you forgot to send the interior folders which contains steering wheel etc in the Ferrari package that you send me, could you send the folder?
  9. Hello!
    Like the 1994 mod, you can no longer have? :(
  10. 0k.
  11. The model 1994 has been published by PEDRO 13 but is no longer registered in the forum.