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Ferrari 312T @ Imola

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by jonbonken, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. will most likely need work as im not the best at making setups but I did manage a good time with it

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  2. yeh needs a small tweak.. only 1lap of fuel ;)
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  3. thanks
  4. you turn off fuel,its for hotlap :)
  5. Thanks for posting, I haven't tried it round Imola yet, but with with some adjustments to the gearing it works well around Monza. May make further changes wben I get home and I'll post when it's finished.
  6. mmh why not activate tc and abs and drive left foot braking with paddles then?
  7. ive ran a 1:41.7 so far with this set but with more time a 1:40 is do-able
  8. I was stuck in the high 1 42's earlier today but i tried your setup and helped me attain at 1 40 .8 with 100% mechanical damage and 1x tire wear and fuel consumption so thanks a lot
  9. :)
  10. Why should we then play a simulation?
    This car should be driven as then without aids and with a H-shifter to get the full excitement..
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2014
  11. Please ,a set-up ,efficient...,for the Ferrari 312 t in Imola.
    Sorry for my english.
  12. hi Mixer49, je vais le faire en français !!!!! :laugh:
    regarde plus dans le dossier asseto corsa setup guide, tu vas trouver ton bonheur, j'ai trouvé le mien pour mercredi prochain.....;)
  13. Merci !
  14. im stuck at 1:39:998, ill try your setup to try improve. Cya