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Skins Ferrari 288 GTO 6 skin pack 1.0

The mod is great but it needs colours, MOAR COLOURS

  1. Brownninja97 submitted a new resource:

    Ferrari 288 GTO 6 skin pack - The mod is great but it needs colours, MOAR COLOURS

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  2. Does it? It's red, so... why the hell would you want your Ferrari in any other color? :D
  3. just for information the real coloours are black, red and white and that's it.
  4. there are many reds in the world, well i made this mainly so that in races i can tell cars apart easier.
  5. Dunno about you, but I can easily tell the difference between "the cars in front of me" and "the cars behind me" *. Even if all of them are painted in "Rosso Corsa" :cool: :p

    * And that's pretty much all of telling cars apart you need during a race ;)
  6. basically i make it my lifes goal to beat that one ****** which spins me out in a single player race and i just like more colours
  7. Actually I'm pretty sure it only ever left the factory rosso corsa and that's it. But no one says we can't enjoy a bit of variety :) I included Giallo Modena because I like that color on a lot of Ferraris even if it was never painted that way officially. I didn't include any more because I was too lazy to setup Maya materials to make a preview image that matches the other 2 :p
  8. Forgot to mention this earlier but I absolutely love the fact that your folder names are called 'blue in italian'. It's like those images that have 'DANGER, FIRE HAZARD' and then 'DANGER, FIRE HAZARD IN SPANISH' written underneath. :p
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