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Fernstone CG

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by Cosmo°, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Here's a quick CG makeover to bring Snowball918's Fernstone track into newer Racer beta versions - it was one of the first tracks I updated, since it's been used a lot in the old days due to it's fun, compact layout and athmospheric scenery.

    Performance isn't the best for me, so I included a second geometry file for when framerate really counts. It omits some particular tree models, since they seem to be the main culprit on my system, as well as setting the few movables to solids again.
    One of fence materials likes to flicker under certain view angles, I haven't been able to find a nice solution so far.
    If you have suggestions on how to deal with these, please let us all know.

    Finally, I asked for (and received) Snowball's permission to release the update.

    edit: Included fence fix, bumpmapped tyrewall (thanks DavidI) and some other small changes.

    Download it here.
  2. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    WoW...well done! THX a lot!
  3. Cosmo, I've fixed the flashing fences, changed the grass dust colour from green to a more dusty colour, added xtrees shaders for the xtree's. track.shd & special.ini can be downloaded from http://www.jendai.com/racer/fernstone_cg_updates.rar. I'd prefer Cosmo to incorporate the chages into the main download (if he wants) than everyone hitting my poor bandwidth knobbled webserver.
  4. Thanks David - I've downloaded the archive and will check it out right away.
  5. If you re-download it, I've added bumpmapping to the tyre walls.
  6. First post updated - thanks to DavidI for the fence shader tip. I had been going with the code Ruud suggested in the documentation, but the cull=none command was responsible for the flickering as it turns out so it's gone now (and it's not really necessary to display the fence from both sides either). Xtrees are also in, as is the bump mapping for the tyrewalls, though I turned around the top/bottom orientation of the map and added some specular to make it pop a little more.
  7. The bumpmapping was a two minute job, I didn't play around with it at all.
    I've also created bumpmaps for the brick & concrete, but I'm not happy with them. I'll pm you a link when I get the time to fiddle with them.
    Also, how are the electricity wire shadows created? are they a texture or is Racer producing them?
    What permossions did you get off Snowball? Are you allowed to add detail to the mesh? Some of the treelines look very flat, they need something to break them up.
  8. Thx Cosmo & DavidI !

    I remember some shadows were 'baked'/overlay to the main texture map...was surely for performance reason I guess. I love this track too, simple & nicely build.
  9. Cull=none is good for single sided objects, if both sides of the fence are modeled it does the flickering. I guess X-trees are a likely place to take advantage of that, since you cut down 4 quads to 2.
  10. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    he he he...had a lot of fun!

    ok...this stupid forum say my url to the pic is invalid...so pff no pics...
  11. Love the inability to post simple .jpg's. It really needs to be put back the way it was.

    Had trouble with Fernstone lighting, it was way too bright. Thats what happens when you only have autoexposure on.

    Here is the TOD file I use, should work with/without autoexposure.

    Like the track, better than the original.

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