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Helmets Fernando Alonso Tribute Helmet HD 2.0

Alonso Ferrari helmet f1 2013 mod skin tribute

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  1. Here are some images.....

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  2. I updated the helmet....so you can download it...it will replace helmet 3.
  3. Great great job! Beautiful helmet. :cool:
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  4. real beauty
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  5. Any ideas for the next one?
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  6. Jodi Scheckter maybe?? Please!!!
  7. If i use this helmet skin and play on-line, do they other players see this skin or standart from the game
  8. They will see standard. It has to be in their game too. :thumbsup:
  9. The official helmet's in 2013 ?
  10. hey make one like gta v with its released artworks ?
  11. Hamilton Tribute;)
  12. They won't see it unless they install it too. It's as easy as it is.
  13. Nice try ! Good for Alonso tribute but it is not as creative as some other modders do. I like the action you did but it does not looks as good as I would like to wear it in game.

    That's the reason why I give you the "winner" distinction and wish you good luck for your next works !