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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Craig Stevenson, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. If these arent stupidly expensive then yes i will buy one
  2. If pricing speculation is correct with GTX470 being £299 that kinda makes 2x470's very tempting.
  3. some review on Nvidia's new graphics card (sound, power consumption)

    start of the article

    I do have to say that I feel a bit disapointed at Nvidias price range and not really that much faster than the once the cards to compete.....the cause could be that the new drivers are not optimal....but still...and using more power wattage
    I was expecting a bit more faster.....I will just wait and see or wait until the release of some review on GTS450
  4. Performance is about where it was expected, beats the 5870 (the 480) and price wise AMD's have been higher/just as high recently. Beta drivers still so allot more performance to come out of the card yet. Power usage of cause not good though.

    Mean while:
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 & GTX 480 Launched!

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 Fermi Video Card.

  5. I have to say I'm extremely disappointed, nVidia have blown an incredibly important and hyped release. They may have taken back the crown for the fastest single GPU card but the gain doesn't warrant the ridiculously high price, especially in the UK, £450 for the 480, £100+ more than a 5870 is Suicide, even more so when you take the reported higher heat, noise and power requirements in to account.

    And everyone thought ATi would be reducing their prices, I bet they are laughing their arses off at AMD HQ.

    nVidia better have some serious price reductions and\or a 485\490 ready to roll, I am a long standing nVidia Fanboy but my loyalty is draining away rapidly.

    A Sad day.

  6. Yeah I know how you feel Eyghon
    I have been with Nvidia since around 2000/2001 (Was before ATI, but due to disappointment haven't been with then since that time....and yeah they have improved, but kept with that disappointment :)) and was always happy,
    but seeing now that the price/performance is to big of a comparison to compare to its closest competition, it is by then a disappointment....but time will tell with the drivers...
  7. with this price they wont get any Ati user conviced to buy a new Nvidia card and even if tehy have a 485 or 495 ready to roll what do you
    think they will call up for this babys one could get a realy racecar for it probaly lol
  8. Nvidia still control the GPU market though and will most likely sell more Fermi's then 5*** series AMD did. Infact one of the last quarters Nvidia still made more money then ATi did despite no Fermi. Also most of the reviews test noise and temps with no case and use furmark, which as we know puts cards under the sort of load that just doesn't happen in real world usage.

    Driverheaven and techpowerup are good to take a look at noise/temp levels.

    Overall this is Pros/Cons of Fermi so far.


    * Performance
    * Overclocking
    * DX 11 performance
    * 3D Vision and Surround supported
    * Direct Compute
    * 32x CSAA
    * Cooling solution
    * Productivity increase with CUDA apps
    * Ray tracing
    * PhysX


    * 3D Vision Surround needs two video cards
    * Hot running
    * Fan noise at full speed
    * Price?
  9. I agree with the Pro & Cons, being able to run at Maximum Tesselation (which looks stunning) is another Pro.

    I am looking at buying a 3D monitor this year and nVidia already has fully functioning 3D drivers\support where as ATi don't and they would have to source support from a third party, this is yet another plus in nVidia's favour.

    I could probably cope with the Heat and Noise, I have run some stupidly modded cases in the past with 757 noise levels but for me the Pro list needs another 2 additions and they are Price and Price, at least for UK.

    The Zotac 480GTX for example is $499(US) BUT £477 (OCUK), were it priced properly and fairly to compete with a 5870, £330 to £400 I would buy.