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Apps ferito-liveCarTracker 0.9.5

Live car tracking panel (multiplayer compatible)

  1. Fernando Deutsch submitted a new resource:

    ferito-LiveCarTracker - Live tracking of cars panel (multiplayer compatible)

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  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Thanks Fernando!
    I just have a couple of questions...

    1) It it possible to make the background more transparent, so you don't see the grey box around the names?

    2) Would it not be better to highlight the name of the driver who is about to be lapped in blue? Rather than the lapping car being highlighted red?

  3. Hi Chris,
    Yes, I just need to find out how to set the transparency level. Also I may include it as a property on the config file.
    About the colors, I may also include those as configurable properties. So you want the cars to be lapped shown on blue instead of green or the cars that will lap you? Sorry it was not totally clear for me your second question.
  4. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Cool, thanks mate.
    Yeah, the cars that are about to be lapped should be highlighted blue :)
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  5. Great addition. Thanks.
  6. Just posted a short video to see it in action :-
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  7. Thanks for the video, very nice
  8. Thanks Fernando!
    Personally the only wish i have is, for triple monitors user a way to adjust the "LiveCarTracker" Window bigger, since i've got more space 3348 X 768. NO,NO,NO I'm lying, i'm getting older and not old, i'm in need of bigger font size.

    No matter what great apps:thumbsup:, Thanks again:)
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  9. Actually it is not a bad idea to allow config the font size, as it would come handy for triple screens or different kind of monitors. It may turn out that we would need to define a property window width too, as the height may be calculated by the font size.
  10. Jempy


    Well done Fernando :thumbsup:
    however, I don't really see that app replacing the Blue Flag one.

    Blue Flag should be something you don't have to look at, like it is here.
    but something obvious, not too big and changing color from green to blue ( even no text needed at it has no importance when you're lapped to know who lapped you. ;) )

    Should it be possible to add to this app here the elements of the Blue Flag one, just replacing the text "Green flag" and "Blue flag" for a change of color of the background from green to blue.
    So you can easily and automatically be warned that a driver is going to lap you, without having to look at the panel of the tracker.
    Maybe not of the utmost importance on public servers, but very useful for clean and fair-play driving in league or open races.

    Surely a big + point to your well done app. ( 2 apps in one if the needed elements are from the same source of course )
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2014
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  11. That idea sounds good. I was thinking in having a slot to keep a race "status". In there we could put the blue flag notification, white flag (for last lap, american racing thing) and checkered flag.
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  12. Thanks Fernando
  13. Really great app although, as some others mentioned before, I would like to have a bigger font size.
  14. Fernando Deutsch updated ferito-LiveCarTracker with a new update entry:

    various flags

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  15. I changed the fontsize to 22 but now the window is way to big (height) So I changed the number of cars to 7 to fill it up but that stretched the window even more.
  16. Could you provide a screen shot I can see how it looks like?