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Fence wall - best method?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Alex Kyriak, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all, wanted some advice and where better to come than this great forum

    I want to create a wire fence wall that includes the posts as geometry (as opposed to the posts being a texture). Sort of like this:


    You can see the vertical posts as geometry/mesh in the wire fence, behind some armco barrier.

    Here is the fence type I've been using up to now, which is just a standard Wall object with the default BTB fence texture applied. No proper posts visible:


    So the question(s): what is the best method to make the fence with mesh posts? Should I use a SObject for this, combining a post element with the fence 'plane' element?

    If I wanted to include the armco / concrete wall below the fence, should I include this in the SObject? Is this a good idea in terms of efficiency of polygons? Or could it facet too much on tighter corners?

    Or should I combine a SObject of the fence (posts and wire) with a Wall object instead? Ie, align a Wall and a SObject, to create the effect of one overall barrier? How would I control aligning them properly?

    Has anyone succesfully built this type of thing in BTB? Any tips much appreciated :D
  2. Actually, to answer my own question, maybe I should create the fence as a Sobject, then create a Wall in front of it. That way I can control the wall textures - armco, concrete, tyrewall, logos, etc - independently from the Object used in the Sobject. Have tested it out below.



    Then I just need to be careful to align them properly.
  3. I think you can build it all as a Wall.. But you can't use the multimaterial cross-sections as I remember..