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Feeling Kind of Bad for Codies....

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by slider916, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Their forum is just taking a beating right now with all of the negative feedback, demands for patches right now, and refunds.

    I think most of these people are way on the overkill scale.

    I don't think it's that bad.

    Yes, it has its bugs, but I can't recall any game that's been released that hasn't needed a patch or two or three.

    The problem I've always had with most of these people is that they are hard to criticize the physics (too much grip, and so on), when these people have never set foot in a F1 car, and I find it nice that there's finally a game that actually doesn't feel like i'm driving on ice.

    I think people need to give Codies a break, and let them try to work out most of the bugs.

    People forget that games are supposed to be fun.
  2. It's exactly why I am here on this forum. I got tired of reading all the abuse from the spoiled little brats that are hiding behind their keyboards. If someone spoke to me in that tone in real life, I would slap them around.

    I am having a good time with the game, and feel sorry for the developers that don't deserve that s...storm over the game.

  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    It's indeed unbelievable how bad some people are behaving on that forum.
  4. I agree 100%. I can't comment on the console versions as I don't have either of them but I am enjoying my PC version regardless of a few bugs.
  5. Hi,I agree also with the comments, When SHIFT was released everyone complained about handeling problems,and how they couldn't keep the cars on the track. Now it's the f12010 cars feel like there driving on rails. What exactly do people want!
    Some comments like the game is for kids, well we are all big kids at heart.
    It's a game and not a sim? this one bugs me, How many of them have ever been in a real F1 simulator,let alone a real F1 car, Even the F1 drivers have spoken on TV saying even the simulators they use can not compensate for Rain,track temperature, wind direction and speed, a drying track, and where the marbles are. So there you have it, the guys with fancy driving rigs ,vibrating seats etc are just dreaming IMO,have fun.
  6. The car doesn't feel savage enough, replays suck, MP is so so and often sucks{I've played GTR Evo online for 6-7hrs straight}, it has little sense of speed off the mark, not feel thru the gears, the rev range sounds like a strangled turkey, it takes forever to load even on powerful PC's and it has quite a few bugs.
  7. Even if that was true, (and I don't agree) it is no excuse to behave in that way, and use that language to skilled, dedicated professionals that has been working hard for the last two years.

    It's a piece of entertainment, not the holy grail, and if you really feel that strong over a piece of software, then a bad game is the least of your problems.

  8. What don't u agree about exactly?
  9. If you are referring to how the cars just don't feel as fast as you're used to with other sims, then there is an explanation for that.

    Anthony Davidson said he felt other sims over did the sense of speed and wanted to emphasize the fact that you do have a fair bit of time in an F1 car to take in the crowd etc. In one of the interviews about the game he even went as far as to say that Monaco still seemed too quick compared to his experience of it.

    I have no idea if the other sims had ex-F1 drivers advising them, or even if what he said is just a marketing ploy, but it could be that other sims you are comparing F1 2010 are simply too fast and that F1 2010 is a more accurate depiction of the sense of speed in an F1 car.

    I think it's very difficult to say that particular aspects (for example, how fast it feels) aren't accurate when an F1 driver says it is, but people who've only driven sims apparently know better. Not that I'm wishing to offend good sim drivers, as I think I think the game has legitimate criticisms - such as there being less visual and sound indicators for when the car is getting away from you compared to rfactor - that can be validly criticised by sim experts.

    But saying it doesn't feel like an F1 car (contrary to what an F1 driver believes), despite having never driven one, does seem like a bit of a weak criticism.

    I digress, but I would be very interested in what other F1 drivers thought the best F1 sim was and how F1 2010 compared. I guess that would be the proper test.
  10. These kind of rage-filled forum explosions seem to follow the release of all console racing games (or maybe all games, I just don't pay attention to the rest). For example when Race Pro came out it was the same deal (that was a particularly buggy game to be fair). But also Forza 3, which was quite polished... People went absolutely mental because the game didn't allow people to host custom public lobbies (private was ok), and you couldn't rev your engine for long enough before the starting light, and some other things.
  11. I must agree that a lot in that forum is wrong, but also they havent been quite up for the task either.. just would have taken a bit more time, and maybe reviewing few of the choices they made. Creating a game using such major licence is also a responsibility imo.
  12. I think that the feel of speed and the car is basicly good. I can not say if it is correct, because I have never driven a F1 car, (and neither have you) but it conveys the experience pretty good.

    I heard other F1 drivers say on the internet that some of the PC sims are actually harder to drive than the real thing. They can master a F1 car in real life, but not in certain games. So if the cars in the game seems more easy to drive than in some hardcore sims, it's not ness. wrong.

    Anyway, I don't fool myself that any sim on a computer will make me good in real life F1 racing, or even represent the real thing correctly.

    I agree that the sound and the replays could be better but basicly i think that the game is sound, and with a few patches it could be a real gem.

    I know I am having fun, and well worth the 40 Euro.

  13. I can't feel sorry for codies, companies like Blizzard get an absolute thrashing about their games from the customers and fans, but still they release patches month after month for their games, still supporting games from 10 years ago, even adding free extra content, something i think codies had traditionally not done, abandoning games after a few months in some cases.

    F1 2010 really disapointed me, because it felt like an unfinished product, it had the makings of being something great but was rushed out. I actually find F1 2010 harder to drive than Rfactor/FVA/GTR becuase the FFB does absolutely nothing to help you get a feel for the car, and the game runs slow as **** on my computer regardless of settings. This game needed beta testing, it needed to be fixed up and optimised for running on the PC. they shouldnt have released it this early.
  14. I won a race at Hungary by 0.6 of a second, and did so by just driving crazy fast as I knew someone was right behind me, but if I tried that with a F3000/F1 2007, FVA, I'd drive off the track every corner.
    Being that Ferrari claim their FVA F1 car is a sim, and being that CM's 2010 doesn't seem to oversteer{LOL}, I think it reasonable to judge F1 2010 by it, and by that measure, it's on supaglue.

    It also has no sense of ferocity other than when you're driving crazy fast{which would end in tears in other games}, so I feel like I have to drive like a goose to get a real feel for an F1 car.
  15. I think it's bleeding obvious that many sim cars are much, much harder to drive than real life, and this is one of the reasons I like FVA as it seems to fit the bill of being challenging, but not so difficult that u have to tippy toe around the track.
    Have you driven Race 07's F3000?.....I consider that to be a great sim car as it has so many different driving characteristics relative to the track and set up, it also has a strong sense of speed and drama despite being a lot slower than an F1 car.

    It also has sensational FFB and simulated brake FFB, which is handy as you can adjust front bias away, but F1 2010 is a stomp the brakes affair with zero feedback of any kind.
  16. It does seem to be a trend. Read the forum and you get a bad impression. Read the poll on the codies forum and you see the large majority like the game. Same as with Shift - the poll here was very positive but most forums were negative. And Shift sold incredibly well, at least on consoles.

    The lack of a demo was a mistake IMO though clearly there were reasons for this. When the GTR2 demo came out we had all this "this game is arcade" rubbish and at least those who were not interested had the opportunity to depart before buying the game.

    My initial impressions are favourable. I didn't really think that my modest system, inspite of matching the recommended spec, would really run the game at maximum details and it doesn't. But it runs smoothly so far at medium - not tried every track yet but rain isn't a big fps hit. The handling is forgiving but you can certainly lock up and spin. Its lightyears better than Grid to drive with a wheel but the FFB isn't up there with the best though I havent quite finished tweaking. I miss the tyre scrubbing sounds of other sims - I'll have to see if this can be adjusted. In the few short 3 lap races I've done the AI looks impressive but I think I'm on Legend AI and I'm just about keeping up with them - I didn't think I would as I'm not used to driving F1 cars in sims.

    When I think back to my initial experience with rFactor - I couldn't run at full graphics, fps in a grid of 20 was around lower than in F1 2010. I started my first career race in a Rhez only to be hit very hard from behind on the straight by a Formula ISI. Next time one came around I pulled off the racing line but it still hit me.
  17. Without meaning to go off topic have any of you read the SI forums on Football Managers release day? Thats just awefull lol everyone complaining about everything because they can't win.

    On topic :): I havn't bought the game yet as I was waiting for views of others. The videos made it look stupidly arcadey and quite bad, however a mate (who doesn't often praise games :p) has said its a brilliant game. Most of the feedback here suggests the same, its not as difficult as rFactor but is a good game and is alot of fun. Probs will end up buying it now :).
  18. Sadly, it's not only console racing games, but all games with a "special interest" group.

    Total War series is another examble, they enrage all the historians and war-nuts. In full seriousness, they talk about class-action law-suits and boycuts against the producers, because the uniforms don't have the right number of buttons, or the wrong colour!

    Right now there are whining threads about their upcoming game "Shogun 2", although there has only been released 1 short gameplay video (wip), and the game is not scheduled to be published for another 6 months!

    I guess it's a combination of some peoples unrealistic over-evaluation of what they can get for 40 Euro's, and their own importance.

    Whenever I see a person on a forum with several 1.000 postings, (and he is not a moderator or an administrator) abusing other people, I think "Sad little person". He can not have much of a life, and the only way he can feel good about himself, is to be rude to other people, safely behind his keyboard.

    Sadly, there is a lot of these people...
  19. Bugs?

    I played 9 h and I have seen none.

    Sounds are great and replays incredibly nice. Have you ever seen those awfully bad replays from mods that have stupid cams just behind tries or walls? lol

    Yes it is not the ultimate simulator but that was clear from a long time.

    AI is really good and challenging. The better by far I have seen.

    Graphics are very good and on my PC all maxed out there is no slowdown at 1600x1200 with AA x8 (I have a core2duo at 3.8 GHz and a GTX275).

    This is really a great F1 game.

    Thanks Codies and you can be proud of your game (yes it is one, not the ultimate simulator that some would like).

    If some want a more real simulator, they can wait for iRacing FW31...
  20. Simon Smith

    Simon Smith
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    Forums etc are the perfect place for people to troll, *****, moan and believe their opinion is gospel. It's also faceless so people decide they can say things they'd never dare say face to face. It now sadly seems to be popular to bash everything and absolutely overhype things to the point where people then are only set up to fail. In my humble opinion it's a symptom of various things in the world to keep people on short attention spans and the way how so much of the general public expects everything hand fed from a plate. You watch if an F1 2011 and if it comes out hard as nails with the car going off everywhere, the first thing you'll see on day 1 is 50 people trolling the forums screaming "Im always last, this game suks blah blah blah, Codies should be ashamed of them selves, I demand a refund. I'll never buy a Codies game again." Guaranteed copy and paste from their 2010 post...

    Pricisely why finding forums such as Race Dept are little golden treasures. Open discussions, both sides viewed, almost everyone responsible. Everyone wants to be a critic these days! (Hence CrashCast Fm and F1Cast.net lol)

    The end result is if you go completely sim, casuals scream and moan, you go casual, simmers scream and moan. Codies then do a Dirt 2 with F1 cars which is somewhere in the middle as a mish mash and kinda 50%s everyone. They'll be crucified whatever they do.

    I shall just continue enjoying it for the game that it is :)