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Feedback on v8Factor v1.3 physics/handling

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by still_bacon, Jan 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi All, and welcome to the New ORSM Public Forum home. Thanks to Bram and the team at Race Deparment for hosting this for us.

    As our first post, we would like to ask everyone for their feedback on how our new Physics and graphics patch feel.

    We are continually looking for ways to make these cars more fun to drive, and try to make the game as realistic a Sim as we can.

    We value all the feedback we receive, and read every suggestion, so don't be shy and don't hold your punches. As long as there is no sledging and abuse, it will be well received.

    Thanks to all for your continued support for V8Factor and ORSM.

    Together we hope to make all our future productions as long lasting and enjoyable as V8Factor 06 has been.
  2. The 1.3 patch is a major improvement on 1.2.

    The increased grip and feel of the cars are excellent. Perhaps a better base setup would be nice, as for newcomers driving one of these with the default setup is a daunting task.

    Great job on the Chase building too :)

    And noticed your sig - very nice, looking forward to it :)
  3. These cars are now more awesome to drive thanks to version 1.3, its been a long time but like most things good things come to those who wait. As racers we're always looking for more grip or more importantly better improvements. Keep up the good work ORSM.
  4. Handling of the cars has in my opinion greatly improved in 1.3. With older versions the cars spinned very easily in slow speed corners but with the new version car seems to have more grip which is a good thing.
    You also can really push this cars now and even when you loose grip and slide you still can catch the car which would have been difficult&sometimes impossible in the old version.
    So its grippier and more drivable = Better than old version.
  5. The new mod is amazing car feel's great some good mid corner grip and very stable under brakes and im really looking forward to the new Model's when ever they come out.. Keep it up guys :D
  6. Helo fellas i am from FVR and know Gavin.G and thought i would come check you guys out
  7. I think the cars have improved. But I am one of those that have enjoyed all the iterations so far. :)

    I can feel the increased grip and better braking, and noticed the torque changes. I also noticed I can change the Roll Center during a pit stop now. We will be starting our 4th full season this year with this fabulous mod.
  8. Yes I think the handling and feel has been improved which is great but this seems to effected the AI. They are all a lot slower now and they seem to brake way too early? Is this just my mod install or has anyone else found this? We are on dial up here so the AI are a big part of the enjoyment. Any help would be appriciated.
  9. AI seems to be ok from my end. Have you tried dialling up the AI strength? Some tracks have poor AIW files also.
  10. I've tried it on tracks that I know the AI are good and the difference between the two versions is quite considerable, they brake miles before the should and the lap times are nearly 10 seconds slower? I have tried switching back and forth and its the same every time, maybe increased drag or brake grip?
  11. Wow - can't say I've noticed that at all. They seem just as annoyingly fast as before :)
  12. Hi Muzarati.

    Thanks for joining the Forum. Its always good to hear feedback on the Mod. I will test it myself, because I haven't experienced this myself either.

    Can you please PM me with the tracks you have noticed this on, and I will check to see if it is a track specific problem, or something for us to iron out before the next release.

    Once we find out the issue, we can post the solution here so if others are experiencing the same thing, we can get it solved in 1 post.
  13. That's strange. In all my physics adjustments I was careful to make sure I didn't ruin the AI. In fact I found the AI to be excellent opponents with some very intense battles going on. Perhaps my AI file settings are different to yours? In particular try setting the AI Limiter parameter in your PLR file to zero: eg AI Limiter="0.00000". Also in the game's Difficulty settings menu make sure the "AI Strength" and "AI Aggression" are both set to 100%. Low AI aggression will result in very timid behavior around other cars.
  14. Glad you've enjoyed our mod for so long and you are spot on with your observations about grip, braking and torque. But actually the rear roll centre adjustment was added in v1.2 ;).
  15. Muzarati.

    when we tested this scenario and setting on Bathurst, we found it had a 5 second difference between setting it on 0.000 and on the rF default of 1.

    That instruction was included in the original Readme from the first release, but seeing that was a while ago, many may have missed it with reinstalls and PC crashes.

    If that doesn't fix it, let us know the tracks affected so we can check into it further.

    I can say on 100% strength and aggression, the AI kick me all over the road.
  16. Ok I will have a look when I get a chance, one question though, does the AI Limiter ignore the talent files and give the AI all the same ability?
  17. No, in fact the talent file values seem to be more accurately applied when the AI limiter is on zero. When the AI Limiter value is above 0 it artificially 'limits' the AI to try to make the racing closer, but it my experience it simply stuffs up the AI.

    However the setting called Autocalibrate AI Mode will ignore the talent files if it is set to "1" - you should have Autocalibrate AI Mode="0".
  18. Cool, thanks for the info, will check it out
  19. OK, been away but now back into it. I have fixed my problem, it seems to be a mixture of the hdv file and my plr file. Changed the AI Limiter but that didn't make that much difference. In the hdv file there is this line "AIPerfUsage=(-1.0, -1.0, -1.0)" as only positive values override the plr file it was looking there instead. I had a look at the previous version and found the values were "AIPerfUsage=(0.95000, 0.95000, 0.99000)" changed the new version to these values and fixed! I'm not sure why my plr file is set to what it is but now the AI brake at the right time and even corner better.
  20. Hi guys. Thanks to RD's racing club I've got back into the V8's and rFactor in general. We've had some very enjoyable races with this mod and your recent update to 1.3 has made the cars even more enjoyable and rewarding to drive. They feel great on curbs. The understeer is now gone I feel and the cars seem more responsive and aggressive now.

    Excellent work and a big thumbs up to improving a already excellent mod. Can't wait to see what your new mod has in store for us :).
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