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FDR, FDD & ABRacing

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. Hello guys,

    I am sorry to announce a penalty.

    Both FDR and FDD teams forgot to make the allocation so the teams are not allowed to set a qualyfication time on tonight´s race as rule book says. Same goes for ABRacing. Allocations where closed at 14:00 and we had not a single comunication regarding this matter (on time), when an email would have worked. :frown:

    Starting Order for that teams will be next at the end of the pack:


    NOTE: It is important that there are 2 persons on each team taking care of it, it takes 2 minutes to make the allocation. That is why you have a Team Spokesman and an Assistant. This is not the first time we apply this penalty and I really can´t understand the reasson why as there is plennity of time to post the allocation.
    Please, confirm answering with a post on this thread you have readed te penalty.

    Sorry for late posting, but had no time to make it before.

  2. First of all i am deeply sorry, and beleve me i am feeling guilty. My drivers trained for a lot hours, and then i forgot to allocate them.
    In earlier posts you David also tolled us teams that its not your JOB. That counts also for me. I never react on a post. I was just so sorry about what happens. Till i read this ****.
    Common we don't have 2 spokeman. I am the only one for the FDD.
    You say you can't understand why we didn't allocate... well i can't find the right excuse. But yeah real life is a b#tch and time consuming.

    So yes i have read this penalty, and gonna try to get my team to forgive me!
  3. I also need a second ***** for the JOB :)

    saw the penalty
  4. That text in black you describe as **** is copied from penalty to penalty, and have been there in the latest 10 penalties so was not writen straight for you, sorry.

    PEACE! :)
  5. Ok, that first point is forgotten :).

    But the teams with a sub (rookieteam) don't have 2 teamspokesman and 2 assistant. Its 4 cars for 2 persons.
    You can find it in the forum that it wasn't allowed to get a teamspokesman for each team. And this is what we accepted. But now i am confused :rolleyes:
  6. Yeah probably you are right about the teams with sub teams.
  7. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    Oh guys come on, is just a copy&paste we use for penalties.

    Other teams were penalized in the past because of this, so this time was your turn unfortunately, otherwise would be incredibly unfair.

    Only one TS is allowed because we don't want teams with junior team having double vote power :redface:
  8. See problem solved, all questions answered :) *shakes Hands*
  9. On behalf of ABRacing team, i would like to apologize for not making the allocations in time.
    Won't happen again.
  10. FICTCIOUS, would you mind changing your nick to your real name? I usually like to know who I am talking to. :)
  11. I'm trying to, but i don't seem to find the option to do so.
    Where is it?! :(

    I have an option called "My Account", but it's locked:

    [h=3][​IMG] My Account[/h]I guessing that's were we can change our nickname?
  12. Maybe contact a forum adminsitrator? Not sure about it.
  13. I already did so.
    Waiting for a reply. In the mean time, i'll have to stick with F1CT1C10U5. :\
  14. No problemo.
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