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Skins FCM GP2 2014 Season low res skin pack 1.0

52 x 2048 low res skinpack

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  1. ok ,i am stupid but where the mod ,this is skins no??:sick:
  2. Yapci

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    Does it only work with low resolution configuration? I tried it with my normal specs and doesn't show the new skins. Do I have to put them low res?

    And yes, it looks like they are just skins szelljr...
  3. Joel


  4. Joel


    Make an account there.
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  5. Sorry for the question, but why to download low resolution skins? and why to download quieter backfire sfx?
    I suppose the original skins(+1GB) maybe should be so heavy... is it?
    I heard the wav files in backfires, and it seens to be the same
  6. For some reason I can't get this mod to load anymore. I can't get it on the track, can anyone help me?