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Favourite tracks

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by AllenB2609, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Which are your most favourite tracks in the game?

    Here are my Top 10:

    1. Bahrain / Sakhir - Just love that circuit and the track. Also beautiful scenery.
    2. Russia / Socchi - love the track and the environment. Graphics look very nice on that track.
    3. Australia / Albert Park - one of my most favourite for such a long time. Love Albert Park and the track.
    4. Austria / Spielberg - Red Bull Ring is one of the most fun tracks to drive and environment (forest) is also atmospheric.
    5. Brazil / Interlagos - one of the most classic race tracks and a really great circuit.
    6. Singapore / Marina Bay - love the night race in the city with all it's sparkling lights and the atmosphere. Track is alright.
    7. Canada / Montreal - another great track layout and one of my highlights of the year. Love the track.
    8. Azerbaijan - track is pretty nice and love to drive around the castle.
    9. Malaysia / Sepang - always nice weather and I'm really fast on this track.
    10. Belgium / Spa-Francorchamps - wonderful track, however a little dreary.

    I'm missing Imola/San Marino and Magny Cours/France. Those 2 were always great to race on and two of my all time favourites. What happened to them? :(
  2. Spa
  3. Interlagos
  4. I hate melbourne cos im very slow on this track..
  5. Monza
    Albert Park
    (Monaco would get an honorable mention, but in the latest game I suck on it, so no Monaco this time.)
  6. is it possible they didnt give the cars a faster steering rack for monaco? (if they usually do)

    im awful at the circuit so i dont know if its just poor driving or that, but the next time i race there im thinking of lowering my DOR
  7. re the thread, i absolutely love baku...pretty surprised to say that, given its both a tilke track & a street circuit, but even the tight sections i dont find annoying or even problematic & the last section is breathtaking, plus going 230mph is never not awesome.

    the race was a bit of a sleeper so i dont really recall much of anything but i wonder how long it will last before its slowed down. i feel like needing to be flat out to optimize the time down that long final straight means someone is going to go into a wall at 300+kmh & that will be the end of it.
  8. Home GP - Silverstone. It's where I find my best rhythm. Just finished Russia P1,2,3 and Q - really enjoying it, looking forward to a good race there.
  9. Spa