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Favourite Group B rally cars

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by mohammad2011, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Group B rally cars is the fastest vehicle and used in 1980's. What is your favourite Group B rally cars?
  2. mmmmm... this is harder question than I though.. I would like to say Ford RS200, just because how it looks like... but since I have seen and heard the ultimate Audi S1 driven by Walter Rorhl himself (!) last year...but Lancia 037 is beast also.. How I am thinking about them, I cant say I have my favorite ... they are all that much exclusive, unique, I loved Delta S4, Porsche, even the ECV1 I saw at Rally Český Krumlov. It would be sin say that one of them is above the others!

    I hope I will see MG Metro, Renault 5 Turbo and Peugeot 205 T16 this year in Italy.. they were missing last year
  3. Where in Italy exactly? :D Would love to see a group b car.

    For me the favorite has to be the Renault.
  4. Wow that looks like a great event. Some great cars there, even your own Fiat 131? :D
  5. David J Anderson

    David J Anderson
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I would have to say the Lancia 037 for me. With the RS200 a close second.
  6. Never liked the looks of RS200. I like the tiny Peugeot :D. Opel Manta too.
  7. It is Warren, it is. We slept in Rimini, which is seaside town, and there are hundreds of hotels and very cheap, because it is off the traveling season. October weather is pleasant even for visiting sea, but when dark comes the temperature drastically falls, which is not good, especially when you are at the stage the whole day, firstly its warm, very hot but you have to carry winter jacket for night. The place itself is beautiful. The event is in San Marino, which is inside Italy and is independent country (not in EU). It is town with center up on the hill in castle, where you can see the the whole surroundings for hundreds of kilometers. Under the castle is one of the stages trough serpentines. Service zone is placed very deep in the town, with stadion, where you can touch all of the cars which has arrived. It was so much nice feeling, like a touching history, especially for me, young generation, who wasnt lucky to experience it in their years. I cant describe it in words, you have to see it to understand. 30, 40 years of rally sport at one place, who could ever have dreamed of that? The year I was there, the Lancia ECV1 had its premier, which was another amazing stuff... but it was soooo overcrowded, we gave up waiting for presentation and we hoped to see it on the track. But it drove only once just when we were anywhere else, and when we expected it to show, it wasnt there. We couldnt be more sad at that time, but this year, it has second "preimer" in the world, held just in the Czech Republic at Český Krumlov rally... you can see it on one of my videos, to not get far from the topic right now :)

    What I loved most about this event, you can meet there Kankunen, Auriol, Rorhl, Volta, Delecoure... just everyone, with their own cars, driving behind the limit. You know, this is not like "historic rally", its like "Group B rally"... they really drive (everyone, I never saw flying Talbot that high!!!!!) amazingly, they push the car to the limit (and I was witness of crossing the limit - people standing around the turn, Lancia outbraked it, going straight to the people who starting to run away to avoid, but the driver regained control under the car and turned in the last moment to crash... I was scared as I wanted to stand there too!!!!)... I would say just like old times, but I cant compare, I live too short on this planet for that.. Also, marshals are so benevolent, they allow everyone stand wherever they want, it was just like you can see it on youtube 30 years ago, locked track by spectators, unlocking it for car and then locking it from behind.. jesus, I myself was standing on the road kissing the Audi S1 flat-outing around me!

    I am going to visit it again this year, hopefully to see more of the group b cars which were missing, like I mentioned, Peugeot, Renault, MG Metro... I would love to eat their dust!

    Yes, my own fiat, but only in one of several dreams of mine :)
  8. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    Lancia 037! :D
  9. My favourite is Lancia Delta S4 and Peugeot 205 T16. :D
  10. Ford RS 200
  11. For me, it has to be be the brutal looks and sounds of the last, great British rally car, the impressive Metro 6R4. Only in the UK could such a monster be born! Take a pretty crappy, cheap family mini saloon, cut 2 cylinders of an ageing (but classic) British take on a Buick V8 all alloy small block, new heads and stick it in the back with a 4WD system!

    A few of us Staff are heading off to Oulton Park this coming Monday for the Classic Gold Cup races. There will be plenty of Group B cars there being hurled around the tracks rally section all day in a classic competition :) I will try and get some Video and pics for everyone :)

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  13. The Audi Quattr4e
  14. Got to be the quattro :D