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Fastest No Assist Lotus Lap time in Melbourne (1st Season) ??

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by LazyBug, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Just like to know if anyone can tell whose the fastest Lap time for a no assist Lotus 1st season in Melbourne Qualifying & using what setup or actually there are some website that i can check it out ??
    Thanx first .
  2. Thanx for your URL but i already check that out quite sometime ago and actually i lap faster than that ( Melbourne Dry Setup post there lap 1:26.8xx while i already lap into 1:25.xxx / Lotus No Assist ) .
    Am looking for anyone who have a better setup cause i saw someone in Youtube lap Melborune Dry Lotus No Assist into 1:24 ... so any other recommend URL ??
    Thanx again & good day :)
  3. This 1.24 might be before the patch. I could easily do a 1.24 before it with a Virgin.
  4. He just upload this 1:24 lately ,
    , not sure if this is pre/post 2nd patch .
  5. I've managed a 1 23.3 with a McLaren on career qualifying at melbourne i could push in to the 1.22s I reckon
  6. He was asking for a Lotus.

    Looking at the car handlings, it is Patch 1.2. This guy is fast!

  7. Ok sorry for that that lap is very fast for lotus
  8. Exactly . Too bad he didnt share his car setup in the video so i wondering if i can get some setup tips to able to lap like him , my best is 1s slower than him .
  9. 1:22 already very slow for a McLaren , i think you need to improve alot on your driving , imagine a Lotus can lap 1:24 and Force India can lap 1:21 .