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Faster Than Speed - USA: An unlucky end to a great season

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Christian Smirnoff, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Toman ignores blue flags? They were both on THE SAME lap, fighting for position. Interesting to see how you use your gallery of images to manipulate your readers into thinking it was Tomans fault, when it was in fact deemed a racing incident. That's a pretty low blow if you ask me.

    If Marcel says he couldn't see Toman, then it's more than likely that Toman didn't see Marcel. If Jiri could see Marcel, and Marcel could see Jiri, then they should have both had the confidence that the other driver would give room, not move over and give up the position, and not blindly turn into the other car. Jiri gave Marcel the entire outside line leading into the corner, which Marcel seemed to ignore until the point of contact. It's a fair game until someone decides otherwise.
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  2. Ohohoh, king of fruitcakes in charge again??? Well, I dont know with what I have to start first...

    Lets say with WC. Xavier, Jiri was indeed in the same lap, but Mr. "Iknowthebest" meant that Jiri was exiting pits under usual blue flag signalization at the end of the pitlane. And he is also thinking, that in such a situation, driver who is exiting pits is NOT ALLOWED to fight for a position. So, we can recommend him only one thing: Lets watch few stupid F1 races and learn something from real racing... (Shame for U that Im not bothered to find some YouTube videos to show you similar situations in real F1 races)

    And now that "clearer one": "Unfortunately, after being hit by the leader Hodas and then suffering a minor spin which destroyed his tyres, Norbert's race was ruined"

    Have you seen that damn race at all??

    Your driver "ImNotAbleToStartEvenWithHelpOfLC" just had a moment in slow section and halfspun into me!! But yea, according to FTS standards I ruined his race and he hitted me by no fault of his own.
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  3. If you're finding it difficult to understand what I'm getting at, and I presume it's the same point Martin's getting to, it's that you need to take responsibility for your own mistakes/incompetency's. Don't blame other people when you have no legs to stand on. And don't lie to people and spread misinformation. That's a one way street, and it's not in a nice area.
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  4. Christian is master of manipulation indeed, these articles are very inventive in finding the new lengths to which the truth can be extended and twisted. If I owned some mainstream press I would employ him instantly. Amazing. This will need a lot of space in my Honestly Said season review.
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  5. Our race reviews are only written as a description of the race events from the team's point of view. They may include opinions which don't reflect the Race Directors' view about a particular situation.

    The images presented in the gallery were not manipulated or modified in any way. They are direct screen captures taken from the YouTube broadcast provided by FSR.

    As for the personal attacks, they will be reported to the administration.
  6. You should put probably: "Race reviews are only written from the team's point of view. They may (and they will) include opinions which don't reflect the Race Directors' (and any sane person) view about a particular situation. If so, it´s no fault by our own." disclaimer above every FTS article to prevent confusing people :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:

    I know that you offended me and Jiri with your article, but Im not sure if its possible to report your own article posted outside of RD. Simple sorry would be enough, but anyway thanks for a gesture :thumbsup::thumbsup::whistling:
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  7. You can do whatever you like. We have nothing to apologize for, I stand by everything that was written in the article. This is my final reply on the matter.
  8. That's a poor excuse. Those are not opinions, those are lies. You can't pose an opinion against facts, since your opinion is invalid if it's proven wrong with facts. Once facts are laid out, you are no longer entitled to your own opposing opinion on the matter since it will have been declared null and void as a result of the facts being facts and not just opposing opinions.

    How on earth is us calling you out on your lies a personal attack? In fact your lies are in themselves, a personal attack on the very people you tried to defame in your article. Where you failed to acknowledge the facts, and tried to pass your own opinion off as what had actually happened.

    "Marcel van der Linden's race was heavily compromised after being collected by a driver ignoring blue flags as he exited the pitlane" - an indirect attack on Jiri Toman.

    "Unfortunately, after being hit by the leader Hodas and then suffering a minor spin which destroyed his tyres" - personal attack on Martin Hodas

    "Toman ignores blue flags as he exits pitlane and hits Marcel…" - Yet another, this time direct, attack on Jiri Toman

    Tell me again how YOU want to report US to the administration? I think you owe the parties involved a sincere apology, and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.
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  9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9bgq0aoo2w8ati3/NoByFaultOfHisOwn.mp4?dl=0

    He halfspun right into me. If you still stand by what was written about it, I recommend you to visit ophthalmologist...

    ....and to stop lying of course. :O_o:
  10. On that video stop at 0:30 and drow some straight lines to check cars direcitions.
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  11. Christian can write whatever he wants in his website, it doesn't matter if he's wrong or not. He already said that he won't post anymore here, so let's end with this discussion.
  12. What I said about personal attacks was not about your posts, Xavier. I was not planning to report you, but the forum trolls that posted after you and were calling me names I have no intention to tolerate in a public official FSR forum. Same applies for your final post.
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  13. Martin pls. Did i caused any accident in the starts in USA? No. I learned from that accidents as i writed down on the Post race topics.
    So what is your cause to use a "nickname" like that? Are you a 9 year old kid?
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  14. So check replay then, Norbert. I was on the inside line as was possible. You had little oversteer moment and touched me. So what I did wrong? Seriously...
  15. No, there wasn't oversteer moment. I just wanted to avoid the collision because i saw you will cross my line. That is why i turned my steering wheel to the left. I give you enough room, there was kerb you know which is the part of the track. The line you used around that corner is ok if nobody is on the outside of you because after that corner you push me off track (to the red stuff) with that line.
  16. lol, you definitelly had to turn to the left, becasue of that oversteer moment. And there was enough room on the outside line, but you had to chose correct line to make that corner side-by-side. Instead, you was pushing your self too much to the inside line, where was my car.

    I would make that corner without forcing you cut that red stuff. But after contact, I lost control for a little moment, so I was then little bit more wide than I would be without contact.

    Pls, dont force to make another video as a prove, that you was oversteery in that situation. Rather check replay and make sure again before next post.
  17. So, you know what i was felt in that moment through my steering wheel with force feedback. Ok.

    For me its end of discussion :)
  18. Haha, when I see from replay, that you are steering under the same angle all the time, and then your car suddenly started to turn more (what is also usual in that place, as we can know from tests before GP), for me its clear to say that you was oversteer, omg