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Faster Than Speed 2013 Launch: FTS unveils the FTS-P13!

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Christian Smirnoff, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Faster Than Speed 2013 Launch: FTS unveils the FTS-P13!

    Faster Than Speed is very proud to present its 2013 Formula SimRacing campaign. Please meet the incredible FTS-P13! The panther is ready to roar again!

    After celebrating a very special milestone in 2012: becoming the first FSR team to contest its 200th World Championship GP, FTS now gets ready to kick off its 13th FSR season this weekend!

    The Launch Video!

    We are really pleased to present our spectacular Full HD (1080p) launch videoclip of the FTS-P13, prepared by Gabriel MontaƱes and Christian Smirnoff to introduce Ernesto De Angelis' latest masterpiece. Please don't miss it!
    You can watch the video here:

    The FTS-P13!

    We say the same thing at the start of each season, but we really mean it. Ernesto De Angelis has done it again!

    The FTS-P13, our latest panther beast, features a new version of its iconic, artistic, aggressive panther, in the most striking livery of the FSR field. There are two different versions of the FTS-P13 livery, with the traditional black colour scheme replaced by red for our Panthers team.

    Exclusive shots of our FTS-P13 challenger can be found here.


    We would like to thank Ernesto De Angelis for his gorgeous work on the FTS-P13!

    Follow us!

    Please check out our Faster Than Speed pages on Facebook and Google+ where you will find the latest team news, exclusive photos and more. Also, stay up to date with the team and get live coverage from races by following us on Twitter (@FTS_Racing)! The 2013 FSR season kicks off this weekend in Melbourne, Australia, and with our FTS-P13 contender ready for the action, we can say... start your engines!

    Faster Than Speed
    Press Release
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  2. great car as ever:)!!!!

    Best of luck to you(Christian) and your team in FSR 2013 !!!

    Your old driver Pat:)
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  3. Thanks Pat! :)
  4. It's awesome as always :) I'd like to put the logo as a tattoo on my body :D lol
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  5. Just brilliant. And a fantastic job from Enyx, can't wait to be inside the car this weekend :D
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  6. We would like to thank everyone for all the likes, comments and repercussions we received on our FTS-P13 and the 2013 Launch Video here on RD Forums, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more! :)
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