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Faster or slower cars for public server racing?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jamie R, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Which do you think is better? Fast and furious or slow but close?

  2. In my experience the quality of the racing can be independent of the speed of the cars. It all depends on the quality of the people racing. I've had plenty of crash fests in MINI's and I've had totally clean racing in GTP. Of course I've experienced the opposite too. The end results from crashes in fast cars (especially F3000) can be far more final though.

    In the end though, I've learned to avoid Public Server Racing.
  3. I think the racing is closer , and more fun in ''slower '' cars. I've had a few very good GTclub and GT sport races lately. Crashes will happen in GTclub too , but i think the racing is a bit closer than GTpro's or Extreme's.
  4. I find faster cars to be more intense. I think it's more fun that way. Don't care much for slower cars, except a few.

    I like series like Le Mans and F1 more than series like WTCC and GT Lite.
  5. From my experience the Public server Racing in Minis is great at the front! seems to stay close and as these cars are easy to handle it tends to provide close racing! i have had some great races in minis!
  6. same thing here Matthew. slower cars are much easier to handle for non-aliens. but if you drive faster cars the alien people will have their advantage against the non-alien people :D I've had great races in minis, but also a couple of good F3000 races on the public servers. but no doubt, slower cars are much more funny. throw a Golf MK1 mod on the server and you'll see the boxes bump into each other :D
  7. Yeh, I have more close races in minis. That being said though, lately I've had some real good races in all classes! Was driving the radicals earlier, and for the 1st two laps, I was 3rd, within 2 seconds of the leader the whole time. Not had such a close race in fast cars before. Also had some very good races in WTCC cars, seems the racing is getting a lot cleaner now.
  8. I dont like the F3000 on race pro i struggle to drive them, that might just be my driving style perhaps :)
  9. It must be your driving. When I was a beginner, I was always best with F3000 cars.

    Maybe it's my driving too O.o?
  10. No I think its defentily my driving style im certain the F3000 slide a lot and i dnt like it lol
  11. Yeh, when I started off I used to be very aggresive at the wheel which seemed to suit the open wheelers more and I did better in them but as I got better I got worst at open wheelers and faster in minis and wtcc cars. Stayed at that level for about a month (this was my 2nd month in sim racing) and then started joining a few RaceDepartment races. Realised I was good with Minis and signed up to the RDMCC.

    Over the last 4 weeks I've improved hugely and can now drive all cars (apart from that damn BMW WTCC!) well and I'm still improving fast.
  12. Not really a fan of that video. It is highly one sided, and very generalized.
  13. Don't forget the technical aspect - the faster the players move, the worse any kind of network issues are. Worse teleportation, worse latency, more collision issues.

    I think that slower cars are probably overall better. Forgiving, durable and having time to think. The difficulty rises a lot with faster cars, especially very lightweight ones, downforce or no.
  14. Was based on one day's racing on public servers and that's honestly what happened all day. But yeh, I did make it slightly biased I guess.