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Misc Fast Load and Debug Options 1.0

Skips the startup videos, and enables debugging options left by Codemasters.

  1. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    F1 2012 Fast Load and Debug Options
    version 1.0.2013.0425 (1.0)
    by Ryder25

    === Info ===
    - Skips all Videos after the Legal Screen
    - Adds 3 New Debugging Options to the game
    - One is in the main menu, next to Quit Game
    - The other is in the My F1 menu, next to Credits
    - The Third is during a race, in the pause menu
    - NOTE: The first two are invisible in the menus!

    === Installation ===
    - Use Ryder Mod Manager OR
    - Backup your 2 files from the system folder, and copy over these

    NOTE: Backup your saves just in case. Don't ask me what the debug options do, because CM made them, not me. I just enabled them.


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  2. Great! Thanks m8 :thumbsup: .
  3. Hey Ryder, do both files need to be installed to skip the loading videos?
  4. What are the 3 New Debugging Options?
    Sry I am at work.. :)
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  5. For what is the reduced mechanics option?
  6. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    snthennumbers The fast load is just in the flow file, but I don't remember whether or not there is other changes in there for the debug mod.

    @ seby1 Uh, just look at them in game. If you know the original mod I uploaded. The debug mod hasn't changed from then. It's just a re-upload with the fast load add-on.

    @ rainbowten CM made these options like I said in OP, so I have no idea.
  7. Alright, the only reason I ask is because I heard your previous debugging options mod created issues with the Safety Car...do you happen to know if that's still an issue?
    Ideally I just want to be able to skip the stupid videos in the beginning, but I don't really need your debugging options...

    Think that might be possible to do?
  8. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Oh, I had no idea there were problems, can anyone confirm? Or link me to a post. Although I don't see how it could do that considering the only thing I did is enable menus.

    As for fast load, just install the flow.
  9. I could be wrong about it causing issues, but if I remember correctly I remember seeing it in the old "Safety Car Fix" thread somewhere I believe.

    Thanks for the info about the flow file...looking forward to being able to test more quickly now :D
  10. It was me who wrote it that i just realized that there was a big crash like 8 cars in the 5th lap and they were staying at the racing line and the SC didn't come out.I had the debug options in and it didn't come out.Remy said the same that this mod interfier with the other.
  11. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Hmm, that's not very convincing, since you had that happen once. It could be something else, whether its another mod, or just the game itself. But its not like I have tested the mod either so I don't know. If you guys get more concrete evidence, then I will put up a note in OP. Otherwise, I still find it very hard to believe that enabling menus messes things up with game mechanics.

    EDIT: Ok, this makes a lot more sense, its not that the mod causes errors, its just when you actually use the in-game options, the safety car doesn't want to come out so easily after that. So, that's only when using the options, in a single race, and nothing more. I knew it couldn't be just from adding menus to the game. You guys have to be more specific next time with these things. Where's your attention to detail? ;)

    remy's post
  12. Ah good find Ryder, makes sense now.
    Thanks so much for the updated flow file, works perfectly. Just FYI it does enable the debugging options menu during a race, but now at least I know how to use them properly :D

    Great work as always
  13. after installing this, I can't get into the race, I can practice and qualifying, but it gets stuck when I reach the race
  14. but nice work with the rain thing, It makes it possible to play great scenarios
  15. After installing this I can't progress to qualifying in career.. It just starts FP again after completing it. Any fix for that?
  16. It seems like you got it working for you now. Can I ask you what you did? Dince I'm stuck with the same problem!
  17. Great! With this you can also have safety car in split screen :thumbsup:
  18. Hello. I have same problem, like some other people. When i press - go to track or start the race i just have blackscreen. I hear the sounds, but i cant do anything. I restarted f1 an tried everytning
  19. Can you install this and still play Online?
  20. No you cannot play online with this.