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FAO: G25 & G27 wheel users

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Dazmaniac, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Saw this posted by iR member David Burns over on their forums, regards issues with the G25/G27 since the new build.....

    [TR="class: trPosts"]
    [TR="class: trPosts"]
    [TD="class: tdMessage"] I was having major problems with my G27 shaking under braking and an unusal dead spot with no force feedback.

    Following these steps fixed the problems:

    (1) Unplug your wheel from the computer
    (2) Join any iRacing session, it will not detect your wheel
    (3) Exit the session
    (4) Plug your wheel back in and rejoin the session
    (5) Calibrate your wheel within iRacing

    My wheel now feels as it did before the update.

    It may work, it may not, but could be worth a go.

    It appears a few posting replies seem to be commenting it has done the trick.


  2. Thanks Daz. Yep, saw this post too and it helped me out with my G27. With any of the NTM cars I had a hard time sensing what the car was doing. Part of it was the vulcan death grip I was putting on the steering wheel lol. But I've kept all the recommended Logitech profiler settings. And in game with the Ford GT I'm at 2.6 FFB and 75 damping and the car feels a bit better for me. It's all preference of course. :)

    Edit: I should also include that I have centering spring enabled unchecked and allow game to adjust settings checked. Which is different from what I had before the new build.
  3. Daz here is my video-tutorial about... this also may helped for another settings.

  4. I have the G25 but I haven't had the "shaking" problem that Im hearing about. Thank you for the tips though I'm sure they will help alot of people.
  5. I dont have shaking but i do have a zero ffb on some cars only since 2.0
  6. There is a massive FFB thread with a ton of interesting stuff on the iRacing forums. David Tucker who is responsible for the FFB code explains a ton.

    Can't remember it all, but he say's clipping occurs on most cars/setups at 14 FFB or more in the iRacing options screen and the Damper needs to be 75 to simulate what the FFB was like before the update, not zero.

    He recommends about 30 or less. I'm at 30 and it feels better than before the update. More subtle, but more information too.
  7. cool jack ta ill take a look
  8. Have to give the OP hints a go as i have a major problem with the shaking on my wheel too (g25)