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Skins Fantasy Team Braveheart-Discovery-Cadillac 1.0

A complete Team Braveheart-Discovery-Cadillac in both HD & 2xHD

  1. The-Sheriff submitted a new resource:

    Fantasy Team Braveheart-Discovery-Cadillac (version 1.0) - A complete Team Braveheart-Discovery-Cadillac in both HD & 2xHD




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  2. Nice work mate :)
  3. Amazing,thank you,:cool:
  4. Thanks guys :)
  5. Benutzername

    Online Martini Racing - Founder and driver

    Is it the old skin in a bit different design? :D

  6. Cadillac in F1?? HAHAHA. They can't even make a normal car that can corner. Looks really good mate. I really like the race suits.
  7. It´s a brandnew skin but with more or less the same sponsors/engine ;) in a different way. I actually tried out a blue version for 2 weeks, as team Braveheart always had blue or "blueish" cars. But I could not get it exactly as I wanted it. So thats how it turned out. With the help from ML as base.
    Mercury53: Yeeah yeah yyyeah ;) but if you notice, we have the GM brands, Chevy, GMC as well. Best cars I ever had despite I know what you mean :D
  8. everything looks very nice, great job