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Skins Fantasy McLaren RD F1 Team 1.5

McLaren (Racedepartment RD F1 Team ) Full Team

  1. Roland Molnar submitted a new resource:

    Fantasy McLaren (version 1.0) - Fantasy McLaren (Racedepartment) 4096

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  2. wow!!
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  3. Hi roland... Can i send a Private Message To You? Because As Is I can't... I have one question for you....obviously.... if you can... :) Thank's in advance and Thumbs up for you :thumbsup:
  4. HI.Naturally :)
  5. i can't send you a P.M... can you see why??? I have one request for you.... Obviously if you can :)
  6. Its beautiful:cry:;) very bice work:thumbsup:
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  7. hmm :rolleyes: email or facebook? :D
  8. Why aren't you avaliable for conservations here? I would like to ask something from you(I'm HUN too) so it would be easy for us to communicate:D.It's for car parts, i would have a question.
  9. Just got round to installing,lovely,lovely job.:thumbsup:
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  10. Thank you very much.! cheers :)
  11. Feel free to ask me mate. :)
  12. Hi bro... you have one request in you FB account... see if you can do it for me :)
  13. ok, write it down FB :D
  14. the car is cool, and I'm HUN too
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  15. Hi. Thanks & cheers! Welcome! ... :)
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  16. very niiiice! the skin is one of the best McLaren skin mods :)
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  17. Thanks! I'm glad you feel that way! cheers... :)
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  18. Looks very nice indeed. :thumbsup:
    Just one suggestion.
    You might have used a bit more of blue as blue is one of the main colours from RD logo.
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