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Skins Fantasy Livery Mercedes "Monster Energy" 1.0

Monster Energy

  1. Good Skin, a bit empty on some places, but green fire is pretty good

    But personally everything with Monsters over a F1 car. for me its a dislike, im sick to saw everywhere this brand on everything when its not really in real life
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  2. I had never seen it that way
    but now that you mention it's true
    never saw f1 car with monster brand..
    thx for your opinnion and sorry for the bad english :)
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  3. I like it a lot. Could you possibly do this to a lower team like Sauber? Possibly boost the car's performance?
  4. Agree with Steven and also it's quite strange to have a Bridgestone logo on the car while they are using Pirelli tires instead of Bridgestone. It just makes the livery more weird than normal.