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Skins Fantasy Lamborghini 2.0

To replace HRT

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  1. Hi Franske you car is amazing plan you in the next a full conversation of HRT ?
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  2. No I don't. Just wanted to replace the car. I'm not driving it.
  3. Wow, good job. I really like the colours :) Very good replacement for HRT!
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  4. A really nice car.Good job now with the sponsors:thumbsup:
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  5. Thanks, try to improve this car.
  6. Good job, Franske! I love the colours, they are picked very well, as well as sponsors.
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  7. So the drivers are Jos Verstappen and Robin Frijns... do you have of them helmets to add to this car? The basic or the Lamborghini version of them ?
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  8. I have the helmet from Jos Verstappen (made by myself), the helmet from Jos made by Schifty. And I use the helmet gen_15_tex_high from Supla's helmet pack 5 for Robin Frijns.

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  9. Oh wow! Could I use it as well? I use Jos as my career driver, and would love Frijns helmet as well! Could you upload them fo download use? (Frijns and your own Verstappen helmet, looks very cool by the way) ? Cheers mateee !
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  10. can i replaced it to my torro rosso ?

    if yes can u advise how?