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Fantasy Jaguar Helmet

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Gerald Chinoy, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. And again, no screens?;)
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  2. Helmet top very nice. :thumbsup:
  3. Did put up screens this time buddy.
    I don't know how to put images straight away during upload, so i let it upload first and then from the thread i edit the post and upload images.
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  4. Haha i was to quick! Nice helmet, thanks for sharing
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  5. Thanks. :thumbsup:
    Formula one is a QUICK sport isn't ! ;)
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  6. Its from photoshop itself.
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  7. No need photoshop plugin? I use the version CS6
  8. Nah no plug-in, i use CS5 Extended.
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  9. Now finish the car please... :cry: such a KEWL car..with this helmet its perfect
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  10. Car and helmet,wonderful combination,thank you.
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  11. If i were you: I would make the helmet same colour as the body of the car.
    This lighter green looks darn awesome on it!

    But can you make the same helmet.. only same colour as car?
  12. Sure i'll change the colour and upload one by tomorrow.
    And about shine and all, i'll try and if the reduces, i'll upload the updated version.
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  13. If you cant reduce it, don't forget to make the side's of rear wing also green mate ;)
    Looks way better trust me
  14. Sure i'll do that if i can't reduce the shine. :thumbsup:
    By tomorrow it would be done, one way or the other.
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  15. Yeah buddy! Thumbs up!
  16. Thanks :)
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