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Skins Fantasy HRT 1.0

Fantasy HRT 4096+steering wheel

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  1. Looks nice, well done ;)
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  2. Thanks bro, I tried :)
  3. Nice job. Are you from Finland? (looking at the ponsse logo)
  4. Thx...no, no, no, I'm Hungary :roflmao: I liked the logo, so I put it on.:thumbsup:
  5. amazing car.......but if you do all the cars,you can create a fantasy mod......
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  6. Thx :) ...a good idea ! (Fantasy Mod) :D ....We'll see :)
  7. a fantasy mod has no time and it's always good!....drivers and fantasy car for a perfect mod!
  8. ......You already 2 cars
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  9. Time :sneaky: but if I have time I'll do all the cars.:roflmao: ...sorry my English mate :)