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Fantasy f1 2013

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Wayne Hammond, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Wayne Hammond

    Wayne Hammond

    Anyone interested in starting a fantasy F1 competition for this year, not sure which sites are best, or if RD can organize one.:)
  2. Well yes, I also had something similar in mind and would like to help (organize). My only question is: how will this work? (By the way someone tried it last year, I think, but it didn't took off). Of course, I'm only interested if there's:
    1. Enough interest (and help) from the others.
    2. A normal, understandable plan and rules and guidelines and whatever :) .

    So, what do you think Wayne Hammond ?
  3. you organize it :)
  4. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium Member

    How is this going to be?
  5. So i know a german comunity what had a league,but all slots are away:
    I´m alowed to post links?
  6. I would certainly do something like this (see explanation below) myself, it would be simple and fun (and I would gladly take up the maths too :roflmao:):

    This is how it would work:

    You would guess the top ten, the pole man and the fastest lap owner. To avoid someone running away at the front I would use a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 scoring system instead of a current F1 system. For every position you guess correctly you would get 10 points, if your prediction was 1 position off you would get 9 points and so on. You would get a point for pole and FL. And that's sort of it.
    The only thing that bothers me is the lock/unlock of the thread to avoid last minute prediction change. Is that possible? Maybe a moderator could lock the thread before FP1 and unlock it after the race. Pretty please :rolleyes:

    That's my thoughts. If you guy's are up for it and everything is going to (will be :unsure: ) be under control then why don't we start now. Thumbs up if you agree.:D

    Let's go go go!!!!!

    P.S. If you're confused about this then PM me with a question.
  7. Are you guys talking about fantasy F1 or a prediction game?
  8. Wayne came up with a suggestion (idea) and I came with a plan. I would rather do prediction, cause' I think it's easier. Like I said it's simple, but it will guarantee fun I presume. I decided to do prediction so let's stick with that and do it.

    It's time to predict the top 10 guy's :thumbsup: (rules above)
  9. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium Member

    Ι would prefer to give points for some places only and to predict only the top 5. For example: I predict that Hamilton will finish 3rd in a race. If he finishes 3rd I get 3 points. If he finishes 2nd or 4th (one place away from what I predicted) I will get 2 points and if he finishes 1st or 5th (2 places away from my prediction) I will get 1 point. Also, if I predict the poleman and fastest lap holder I will get 2 extra points. It is a lot simplier for the organisers and if we agree for this I can help organising. Like if you like the idea
  10. Of course... The conflict of ideas (no offense). That's what I was afraid of.

    Organizers (so far) = only me (I assume) :D

    Well. it's pretty much the same idea, just on the smaller scale. Plus..."I know what I'm getting myself into". And the idea wasn't from the top of my head. It's something that's been used on the local f1 site (Lithuanian site f-1.lt) so I'm aware of it and see no problem. I think that I'm fully capable of coping with "big scale" projects (see "This day in Formula One history..." thread)

    Btw: Speaking of the latter the update to the f1 history thread will come on March 1st. There wasn't much going on in the whole of February (6 races in total) :)

    P.S. I don't think that we will have a lot of competitors. I'm thinking about 20-30 people. That's not much to cope with is it?
  11. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium Member

    I can help but I don't want to spend hours in this;)

    Also, I respect your opinion and we'll see what happens:)
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  12. There needs to be a rule on a deadline for posting predictions. Last season there wasn't one and it's kinda pointless, to say, to predict Vettel for the win after he gets pole :thumbsdown: Makes more sense to say that the predictions need to have been made before FP1 or FP3 or something like that.
    I also think predicting the fastest lap shouldn't give as many points as pole since it's pretty arbitrary due to tyre strategy (even a Williams or Sauber can get fastest lap if they do their option stint at the end of the race).

    As far as scale (finishing places to predict) goes: the bigger, the better :D
  13. I want to make a Suggestion
    Points for only correct prediction for Top 10 and no points for Near miss like Predicting a Driver for P4 and if he was in P3 or P5 you won't get points
    For each prediction from 4 to 10 you will get one point and for the Second and third Podium places you will get 2 points, For winner you will get 3
    Like if i Predicted the Positions of 1,3,5,6 then i will have 7 points(3+2+1+1).
    The Prediction must be Closed after the End of FP2. as people may have a chance to predict the Positions.so for Mod to close the thread and he will open it after the End of race.
  14. Maybe we need a pole with a rule options choises perhaps? Everyone could choose what they prefer.

    I think you're right about pole/FL situation. That should get you 2/1 points instead of 1/1 proposed by me. You made a fair point there. Speaking about the locking I think we should lock it before FP1. It will be difficult at first to suggest the finishing positions, but everyone will get a base point after the first race and it will be easier later. Because no one would know what's going to be on in the first race and that would create the "ultimate" fun factor I'm looking for. As for the scale I agree on that.

    My view on your view :cautious::O_o: is that: for locking see my reply to Markus. As for the points scoring... I don't know, everyone has their own ideas and to sort this out I suggested a pole to be had, but I would prefer for it to be big, hence why I agreed with Markus:
    "As far as scale (finishing places to predict) goes: the bigger, the better :D "[/quote]

    Or we can all choose by trial and error. If my plan fails miserably, I will admit defeat and then we will go the other proposed route. Another thing... I think when people see that they gained a lot points they feel pleased while the random shooting tactic might move people away when they see that it's not gone well. Plus imagine the situation: Oh my god Karthikeyan (only used as an example) finished 19th!!! I put him in 10th in my prediction so despite his another miserable race he will still get 2 points for you (in my system). That's mega in my view.

    And of course I respect your opinions.

    Let the war continue...:D

    P.S. If it's your system - you count the points:D. Just kidding of course :)
  15. I prefer the system where you also get points if you don't get the result exactly right. Here's an example for why:

    Example race result:

    1. Vettel
    2. Alonso
    3. Button
    4. Webber
    5. Perez
    6. Raikkonen
    7. Hülkenberg
    8. Grosjean
    9. Massa
    10. Hamilton

    Predictions of person 1:

    1. Alonso
    2. Button
    3. Webber
    4. Perez
    5. Raikkonen
    6. Hülkenberg
    7. Grosjean
    8. Massa
    9. Hamilton
    10. Rosberg

    Predictions of person 2:

    1. Vergne
    2. Ricciardo
    3. Gutierrez
    4. Di Resta
    5. Perez
    6. Chilton
    7. Raza
    8. van der Garde
    9. Pic
    10. Maldonado

    In this (extreme) example, person 2 pretty much failed completely, but he got #5 Perez exactly right. person 1 didn't get anything 100% right, but his predictions are still extremely good. In my opinion it makes sense for person 1 to get more points.
  16. "you also get points if you don't get the result exactly right" - well, that's what I'm proposing too, although I didn't say it in exact words. Of course to count the points you need all of the results (although if the guy does not get classified in the race you'll get a big fat 0). And yes, obviously person number one will get more points. It's very logical guess so it makes sense. Nothing to prove there.

    Let's say that only ten drivers finished (because in your example we don't know the rest of the results). I'll now show how my system works.

    Given example race result:

    1. Vettel
    2. Alonso
    3. Button
    4. Webber
    5. Perez
    6. Raikkonen
    7. Hülkenberg
    8. Grosjean
    9. Massa
    10. Hamilton

    Predictions of person 1 (points got):

    1. Alonso (9) - 1p off predicted
    2. Button (9) - same
    3. Webber (9) - same
    4. Perez (9) - same
    5. Raikkonen (9) - same
    6. Hülkenberg (9) - same
    7. Grosjean (9) - same
    8. Massa (9) - same
    9. Hamilton (9) - same
    10. Rosberg (0) - a DNF or a non-classified driver (like I said we don't know the rest of the results, so I'm assuming it's curtains for him)
    Total: 81

    Predictions of person 2:

    1. Vergne (0) - the Rosberg case
    2. Ricciardo (0) - same
    3. Gutierrez (0) - same
    4. Di Resta (0) - same
    5. Perez (10) - correct, full points
    6. Chilton (0) - same
    7. Razia (0) - same
    8. van der Garde (0) - same
    9. Pic (0) - same
    10. Maldonado (0) - same
    Total: 10

    Plus 2/1 points to someone who got pole and fl (not given in your example)

    That does make sense, it's easy to understand. You guess top 10 , fl and pole. Everything else is just waiting, calculating, fun and so on.
  17. I know, this is exactly what I meant - I prefer your approach over what Kartik suggested :-p
  18. Wayne Hammond

    Wayne Hammond

    Wow, a few ideas being thrown about, my idea is to keep it simple, i have no knowledge of how to create or run a Fantasy game, my thoughts would be to use an external site, eg: (http://www.profantasyf1.com), amongst others, where we can register a league, and then join that league, you get to choose 4 drivers, a constructor and an engine, and a bonus race 4 times in the year, in each bonus race you get double points.

    My thoughts:)
  19. How about this? usually front end and the backmarkers are the relatively easy ones, so only 1 point for those but if you get people in the mid-field right you can gain quite a lot of points.
    It´s usually very erratic in the mid-field, lots of things happen and it´s usually very tight (will probably even tighter this year)

    1. 1p
    2. 1p
    3. 1p
    4. 2p
    5. 2p
    6. 2p
    7. 2p
    8. 4p
    9. 4p
    10. 4p
    11. 6p
    12. 6p
    13. 6p
    14. 8p
    15. 6p
    16. 6p
    17. 6p
    18. 4p
    19. 4p
    20. 2p
    21. 1p
    22. 1p
  20. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium Member

    What are we going to do?