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Skins Fantasy Dodge F1 HD 1.0

Car skin only

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  1. Nice! What car does it replace?
  2. Mclaren.As people can use it online too without any problem.
  3. Cool design.A bit Nascar,too...and i like also the combination of red,black with white:thumbsup:
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  4. Thanks :)
  5. Melphiz

    [TruckSim-Map Team]

    Was waiting! Awesome, I was searching for a good replacement for McLaren.
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  6. Nice one, I'll be using this :)
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  7. Glad you find this car good:).

    Use it as you wish sir ;)
  8. Hawaiian Guy

    Hawaiian Guy
    Banned on request @Simberia

    Could you not make it replace mclaren? Is it possible for you to make it for Catharam or Marussia or something like that?
  9. If you rename the files it's possible.I won't reskin this on other chassic.That would take too much time.You could replace the mclaren chassic with the marussia if you know what files to rename..
  10. Melphiz

    [TruckSim-Map Team]

    And if he does not know, there's a search button as it has been asked and answered uncountable times :p
  11. It's a very nice looking skin, but I just can't bring myself to put dodge in F1.
  12. As the title says it's a fantasy one.I know dodge won't enter F1.
  13. I don't think so as it was really too much fantasy like.There is no chance for dodge to enter f1.It would be just meaningless to do the full team and that would take too much time.After releasing my upcoming two team pack i won't do any more team pack only just cars, because it's too time consuming.
  14. Nice design :)
  15. Thanks :), much apprecaited.