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Fanatec Turbo S CSR H Shifter not recognized in GRID Autosport

Discussion in 'GRID Autosport' started by coblos, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. coblos


    Hi guys, I have an issue with GRID Autosport on PC.

    I'm using Fanatec Turbo S with the CSR 6 gear H Shifter CSR 6 gear H Shifter(https://www.fanatec.com/au-en/shifters/csr-shifter-set-au.html), and the Turbo S pedal.

    I already set the difficulty to manual H Shifter+Clutch but I can see that my H shifter & clutch is not recognized by the game.

    My driver and firmware are updated to the latest. Calibration of wheel and shifter has been performed as well. I also checked in the Fanatec Wheel Properties program which comes with the driver, and I can see my shifter is actually working fine.

    Is there any solution for this?
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2017