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Fanatec Review, Competition and Interview with C.E.O. Thomas Jackermeier!

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brian Clancy, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. I am very pleased to announce today, news of the second hardware review and give away competition by the Sim Racing Hardware Forum and an exclusive interview with Fanatec C.E.O. Thomas Jackermeier!
    Thomas has kindly arranged to send me some of his wheels to review and then GIVE AWAY in another great RD competition! I will post more news on this exciting review and competition once I have all the details! He has also kindly agreed to do a small interview for Racedepartment about himself and his company Fanatec. If anyone has questions for Thomas, please PM them to me for consideration
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Nice :thumb:

    I got a question for Thomas:

    "How come that Fanatec is one of the companies that manages to compete against the big ones by creating hardware that is compatible with all platforms?"
  3. Good job Brian! I'm seriously looking at getting a Fanatec setup so I'll be watching for your review and interview:thumbup:
  4. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff Member

    WOW top job as always Brian! Looking forward to see the competition and the interview :):):)
  5. nice one!!! i have the V1 but i think that you will have the V2 to test!!! ;)

    nice news!!! ;)
  6. Hi Mattia, yes will be the GT3RS v2 with the new CLUBSPORT Pedals and the new 911 carrera wheel aswell to give away and review!!:cool: YES THATS TWO SETS OF WHEELS!
  7. (1) How much different is xbox xinput compared to direct input of pc in creating a believable ffb
    and does it require different hardware within the wheel to cope will the different types of input software.
    (2) Does the ps3 use a third type or does it use the same as pc.
    (3) On a multi platform game say like Codemaster F1 where the xbox is the main platform ,if someone has the Turbo S wheel is xinput or direct input used by the pc version of the game.
    (4) Would you rather see a day in which all platforms use the same software interface.
    (5) Do you feel that devs are getting the best ffb possible out of any wheel especially multiplatform where the main input device will be a controller.
    (6) Do you work with devs on getting the best ffb out of a particular game.
    (7) It seems when a dev says that a wheel is supported that they just check that the buttons and controls are mapped properly rather than actually testing and tuning the ffb of a particular wheel so that roughly the same feeling is conveyed to each user irrespective of the wheel they use,
    why when so much tuning goes into the controller is this not done for ffb wheels do you think.
    (8) Why do you think that devs seem to value overall grip as the main ffb over the feeling of the ffb showing the steering wheel being connected just to the front wheels as in a car in rl.
    (9) Does it require a sim physics engine doing calculations on the fly to get the best out of a ffb wheel.
    (10) Do you think that devs should state on pc what software settings they used as their base so that all users are starting from the same point when adjusting the ffb and wheel to suit themselves.
    (11) How can you as a manufacture create a better ffb wheel if the devs fail to make use of the ffb to its maximum currently, without adding in extra effects not created by the game ,or do you believe that an ffb wheel should not be able to create any extra effects that has not been created by the game physics.
  8. wanted one of those for a long time but if i remember correctly the delivery times was pretty long and never found any good reviews so didn't want to buy something i don't know anything about....but it sure looks awsome :)
  9. Exciting:cool:
  10. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Wow Bri, this is big news fella..... well done.

    Hopefully with something as successful as this with Fanatec, you can bring items from other highly rated companies like Logitec, Thrustmaster and maybe even Frex!!

    Imagine giving freebie Frex stuff away??? Madness!!

    I have a question for Thomas;

    "With the addition of your new wheels onto the market, can you reveal to us any plans of future designs or products?"
  11. Future plans would be awesome. I do not want to invest in a new wheel if something new will be out a month from when I buy.
  12. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Any discount soon especially for the clubsport pedals? Brian sim racing hardware is shaping up nicely. It will only get better. Looking forward to the interview m8
  13. Thanks Abdul :D Kris and I are working hard to make it something special in time! still hoping to maybe get some discount for RD members in the future. Thomas has told me its hard to implement atm due to the current online shop, this will be addressed soon.........Stay tuned :cool:
  14. Great job guys. Would kill for Clubsport pedals. :D
  15. Great stuff! Keep up the good work :)
  16. Really looking forward to the reviews.

    My question to Thomas: You have created a really top quality set of wheels and pedles. The one thing that, to many of us sim racers, is the holy grail of wheels would be a F1 replica wheel. Whilst there are such wheels available they are mostly high end custom built articles reserved for those with very deep pockets. Is there any chance of you creating a F1 style wheel that would place in the same price range as your current wheels?
  17. Ah yes... another question... do you ship to South Africa. Surely a country that was good enough for the Soccer World Cup qualifies for shipping? Actually I'm hoping you say now because otherwise I would have to find a really good reason (such as my wife will kill me) to not buy one of your wheels...
  18. ..i'm deciding to buy fanatec wheel. Very curious to understand better...
  19. Very interesting set of questions! Probably from someone what has been involved with implementation of force feedback in game development?

  20. I would love to win the GT3 RS as my current wheel is starting to die on me. And i just don't have the money to replace it.