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Fanatec Porsche GT2 Wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Tony Smithson, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Does anybody know if this wheel will work on the PS4.Have just ordered PS4 and Driveclub and own this wheel but not sure if it will be supported on PS4 or not otherwise might have to invest in new wheel.Thanks
  2. PS4 and thus also Driveclub [currently] only supports Thrustmaster wheels (T80/T300 fully supported, T500 works in game but not in system menus).

    https://www.teamvvv.com/en/news/comments/DriveClub-wheel-compatibility-confirmed and many other discussions on forums about it.

    If you decide to purchase a new wheel for Driveclub (which based on reviews and forum comments since yesterday's launch is perhaps somewhat brave, although of course you'll then have the wheel for use with future race games on PS4) the logical route would be the T300 and then reusing your existing Fanatec pedals (presumably CSP or CSR/CSR-Elites). But either the T300 or T500 is a serious wheel upgrade from your GT2, as I can state from my experience of moving up from the GT2 to the T500.

    http://www.basherboards.com/CPX would be a way to use CSR-Elite or CSP pedals directly with the T300 on consoles.
    Alternatively, if you were currently using G25/27 pedals with your GT2 wheel, you could buy http://www.ricmotech.com/product_p/rmt-t500w2g27p.htm to allow you to connect G25/27 pedals directly to the Thrustmaster wheel
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  3. Or, if you can hold your horses for a while then Fanatec is expected to reveal how Xbone and PS4 will be supported using their gear by the end of this year. Some details on the Xbone support has come from Thomas already but nothing on PS4 yet, I think I have read that it'll be revealed in November but don't quote me on that, might be wrong.
  4. Absolutely. Right now we only know that Fanatec has the CSWv2 and Xbox One rim to give Xbox One capability at around €900 (€600 normal price for the base, estimated €300 for the rim based on other Fanatec rim prices). Fanatec is being coy about whether or not an equivalent PS4 rim will be licensed in the near future, but I guess there's a good chance they'll manage it.

    Rumour also has it that Fanatec will release a cheaper wheelbase which will likewise be CSW rim compatible and also support using the console-specific rims to allow support on the next gen consoles. But I still don't see that wheelbase and console-specific rim coming in much under €500 either... Do you?
  5. Depends, if the rim is of the same quality that you find on the Forza CSR wheel and the wheelbase a updated Porsche wheelbase with quick release I think they can sell them rather cheap, but I'm not expecting them to do that.
    We honestly don't know what's going on behind the scenes atm, I am confident though that if Fanatec was able to bring PS4 compatibility to the old PS3 compatible wheels they've sold, Thomas would make it happen, but their hands are tied by Sony and the devs of games on this, so it's not only up to Fanatec to decide.
    Also, why would they try to hit a pricepoint much below €500? If I where Fanatec I would try to hit the market with something one step up from the current offerings of Thrustmaster in terms of choice of materials and build quality, but keep it cheaper than a CSW. Try to position Fanatec products as a step up, not a sidegrade. But then again, I don't run businesses for a living, so I might have run them bankrupt in a year :p
  6. Well they currently sell the PC/PS3 compatible GT3RS wheel for €180 and the CSR adds Xbox360 compatibility for only €200. With pedals costing €100-250 extra.

    Bringing out a next gen console wheelbase + rim combo for double that leaves a big gap in the market, and means no competition for Thrustmaster's ~€300-340 TX or T300 (they list at €370 but you can find the TX already for €290).
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  7. Well if they wanna compete with the plastics of Thrustmaster then they need to release new wheels in the GT3/CSR range, what I was talking about was something on par with the CSR-Elite but with support for the Quick Release wheels and with a lesser motor etc, putting it above the TX/T300 but beneath the CSW v2 in range and price.
    But it's all a waste of time discussing, Fanatec will go their own way and we will know what direction that is when Thomas thinks we should know.
  8. Thanks for all your comments its getting so dam expensive if you want to use a wheel which I do just cant use a joypad not the same.I have the V1 Fanatec wheelbase and as much as I would like to upgrade I keep thinking about how much more money I am going to have to spend.I recently bought the Thrustmaster TX for my xbox1 but it is annoying that I might have to keep on buying for my PS4 aswell I was always under the impression that Sony was going to be a little bit kinder on old hardware when it came to there system ....Who am I kidding they are out to make money just as much as Microsoft.I prefer my PC but I do like console racing aswell and I suppose I will wait a while and see what happens...Once again thanks guys...:(
  9. Easy solution: Sell those consoles and spend the money on the CSW v2 upgrade, go fulltime PC sim and forget consoles exist, you will be a happier man! :p