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Fanatec P1 XBOX One Wheel Help?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Hyp36rmax, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Hey all! Just got a Fanatec CSW V2, P1 Xbox One Wheel, Xbox One Universal Wheel Hub, and V3 Pedals.

    Having trouble setting up the P1 wheel with my Windows 10 system as i've already updated the drivers and firmware to the CSW V2 to the latest. Still have to try it on my XBOX One.

    Some of the things i've noticed:
    • When I first connected the P1 wheel everything would light up including the XBox One button and Rev light. There after the lights turn off.
    • I set everything to PC mode by pressing the Two squares + Y Key
    • When I go into the Fanatec Wheel setup it shows me BMW M3 GT2 Wheel on screen. Pressing on any of the buttons does nothing onscreen.
    • I'm able to see the wheel move left and right
    • When I connect the Xbox One Universal Wheel Hub and turn it into PC mode the CSW V2 recognizes it with no problems. The Start button on the CSW V2 is green (Xbox One Mode) later red (PC Mode). And I'm able to see the button presses on the wheel from the Wheel setup application.
    • When connecting the P1 Wheel is the CSW V2 Start button supposed to be green? (The Xbox One wheels start in that mode by default) then turn red when on PC Mode? (Like the Xbox One Universal Wheel Hub?)
    • Is the shift light on the P1 supposed to stay on when connected? (It's Off)
    • Should the P1 wheel show up as the selected wheel when running the Fanatec Wheel Setup? (Showing the BMW M3 GT2 Wheel)
    System Specs
    • Caselabs Mercury S5
    • ASUS X99M-WS
    • Intel i7 5820k
    • 16GB Corsair DDR 4 LPX@ 3000Mhz
    • Sapphire AMD FURY X (Crossfire)
    • HyperX Predator 240GB PCie SSD
    • Toshiba 4TB HDD
    • Seasonic 1200 Watt PSU
    • ASUS PB287Q 4K Monitor
    • Everything Watercooled
    Build Log: #projectEVO: Link

    Also own an Xbox One with Forza 6