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Fanatec or thrustmasters?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by aris faria, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. Fanatec

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  2. Thrustmaster

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  1. Hi, my g27 just broke down, I changed the encoder twice. I dont want to know anything else about that wheel. I want to buy a servo + wheel, so I can use the g27 pedals which I really like. I need a wheel set that wont break down.

    What do you recommend? Should I use thrustmaster or fanatec?

  2. How much is your budget?
  3. 2pfspiff

    2015 pCars World Endurance Challenge AM Champion

    If you have the budget go with Fanatec and pick up the V3 pedals. If you don't have the budget then go with the T300 with the T3PA pedals.
  4. T300 @ T3PA pedals...........
  5. 2pfspiff

    2015 pCars World Endurance Challenge AM Champion

    @aris faria- What are you playing on a PC or a PS4? If you are on the PC then you could wait until October and get the new Fanatec wheel that will be dropping.


    If you are on the PS4 then you only options are the G29 from Logitech or the T300 or T150 from Thrustmaster. The T150 is cheaper, but does not allow you to change your rim out. You can change the pedals if you want to the T3PA or the T3PA pro. The logitech basically is a G27 only slightly updated.
  6. Wicked

    Horsepower! My kingdom for some horsepower! Premium

    At the price point of the Clubsport Wheelbase + Rims etc I'd rather go and save up the few hundred more and go Direct Drive (OSW), thats pretty much the end all solution to simracing, also indestructible pretty much.

    I dont think the CSW v2 is worth its cost compared to the T300 / TX. Those Thrustmaster wheels punch way out of their league when it comes to performance/price.

    So yea, I'd recommend to go with Thrustmaster, or if your pockets are deep get a OSW kit.
  7. Fanatec if you have the money for the good stuff, otherwise Thrustmaster is a better value.
  8. :thumbsup: T500 any day..........:whistling:
  9. Apologies if I'm hijacking the thread but if the choice is between the new Fanatec CSL Bundle (£590) or the Thrustmaster Leather/Alcantara bundles (£315) is the Fanatec worth almost double the price?
  10. We have one youtube review (Matt Malone) to go on for the CSL so far, but since he's never owned a Thrustmaster and can only really compare it to the CSWv2, it's hard to tell.

    He rates the CSL Elite wheelbase as "smooth, strong, fast, 80% of the CSWv2 performance but not quite able to provide the low level detail", rates the CSL Elite pedals as "not adjustable enough, squishy brake technology, worse than the CSR Elite pedals which they replace, spend $100 more on Clubsport v3 pedals instead".

    By the sound of that, it's likely that the CSL Elite set is slightly better than Thrustmaster, but not by much and it's more a matter of taste.

    Also the trouble with Fanatec is that you will have trouble sticking to that £590... Once you have the Fanatec cheapo rim, you will start wanting the more expensive higher quality rims as well (e.g. formula rim, Porsche/BMW rim).... And they will seriously hurt the budget in ways which Thrustmaster can't even begin to :)
  11. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    I've been a very happy user of a Fanatec CSW V1 which has never given me any issues. I was late to the party as I heard people had issues with the first couple of batches.
    I think you can also get an adapter to use your Logitech pedals with the wheel as I believe from your post that you want to keep using those?
    To be honest though a load cell brake on the CSR Elites I've been using are night and day better than the logitech standard ones just FYI and IMHO of course.
  12. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    I have a fanatec CSW v2 and a thrustmaster T300, you won't be disappointed with either. Although the fanatec has more natural and detailed ffb i sometimes think the t300 feels more precise and gives more instantaneous feedback. The only downside about the T300 is the pedals, which is why I use my club sport v2 pedals with the thrustmaster. I like them both, not much help, am I?
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  13. Thanks for the reply. The only other things I will get are an F1 rim and shifter so in those cases it makes it around £1000 vs £500, basically in all cases double the price.

    Long term I'm thinking Accuforce unless Fanatec go DD at which point getting Thrustmaster is wasted money so I'm not sure what the best option is in terms of upgrading to that, realistically coming from a Dfgt anything will be better really.

    That kind of makes me think I should just stick to Thrustmaster.
  14. Fanatec have been sort of hinting about producing a wheel above the CSWv2 to compete with DD, but at the same time pushing their CSWv2 as a competitor for DD wheels. We still really don't know if they will release a DD wheel themselves or not. Price wise only time will tell if such a wheel were aimed to compete with Accuforce or Bodnar segment of the market, either could be possible.

    If you are intending to switch to DD in a few years then I understand the dilemma: Investment in Fanatec rims could potentially save a few hundred $ if you were to upgrade to Fanatec's DD wheelbase, should one arrive and be affordable. Lots of "if"s there.

    Also don't forget that DD wheels require proper stable rigs. No half measures possible there.

    Personally I'm staying at the Thrustmaster kit for now, because I like console compatibility and don't have the WAF to build a large bulky stable rig to support DD. If you're luckier than me on that front and committed to simracing then I can see it being worth going straight on to DD and skipping the intermediate steps.
  15. Thrustmaster all the way for me also.
  16. 2pfspiff

    2015 pCars World Endurance Challenge AM Champion

    But if he can afford it then it gives more options then Thrustmaster and you wouldn't have to change right away.. I love my TX and T300 wheel, but if the TX goes (On my second base) then I am going with Fanatec CSL Elite.
  17. Oh, I agree. But it is a slippery slope. €1000 in rims is easy to want, and at that point you have to seriously consider whether a direct drive wheel wasn't the better option :)
  18. I ended up getting a CSW V2 with Universal Hub and Forza rim 2nd hand just need some pedals and I'll have spent an extra £270 over the CSL total but I have to say the all aluminium contrstruction is incredible, far superior to the plastic of csl elite and Thrustmaster and the rim/quick release are much better than the P1 with useful button placement.

    In terms of force feedback quality maybe not a big difference, though I haven't compared to say for sure but I'm happy with what I've got so far. Just need to get the F1 rim and CSS SQ shifter at some point in the future and that's me done for now.
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  19. 2pfspiff

    2015 pCars World Endurance Challenge AM Champion

    You'll be happy with the fanatec. The FFB ios way better and it is more adjustable. I will be going the fanatec route after I ahave my PC and sim rig built.
  20. I do not agree with either of these points.

    First, at least here in the US, you can get a CSW V2 and P1 rim for $760 shipped. The cheapest direct drive option, an Accuforce with no hub, will cost you almost $1400, with shipping.

    Moreover, having owned the CSW, T300 and TX, I can assure you that the V2 is a definite step up. You did well in buying one.